An idea arises

The time had come in mid-October; why not a "Angry Road Create Lyrics Video? Coincidentally I stumbled across a lyrics video of a rock band on youTube. Texts arranged around a mannequin - very successful! Since I hardly have the resources to make a “big video”, I looked for a way to go a similar way. So I came across the current version of “Blender“, Which is available for download free of charge on the Internet and incorporated me. Powerful tool!

Which song should I take?

Maybe it seems a bit pragmatic - but from the songs of the 2019he disk "Jørg - Angry Road”The title song seemed to me best suited for a lyrics video. First, it's very short, so it doesn't get boring. Second, the song has real power and speed. My advisory environment is very impressed with the title. So go for it - tinker the lyrics video!

training period

It took about three weeks until I was able to use the Griff would have. Real-looking materials such as house walls (so-called bum maps) and asphalt road, volume fog on the lights, etc. really cost nerves! I was close to giving up more than once. Halfway through, I ruined the lighting in my street scene and had to start all over again.

Ultimately, I have to say that the work was worth it. Every free minute was programmed for six weeks, materials looked for, camera angles tried out and functions learned. Convince yourself, here that ANGRY ROAD LYRICS VIDEO:

Jørg - Angry Road Lyrics video

By the way ...

By the way at work for Angry Road Lyrics Video I had the idea that I could maybe stage my “Jörg - Plectrum” as an animated backdrop. In connection with the original - “Angry Road”Kai Kinscher's CD background makes this a very successful feature. When we appeared in “Eddys Rock Club” in Munich, we could try it out with his projector!

Jörg's blue plectrum on the deep red and black background of the skyline with the bridge from the Angry Road CD
Jørg - Plectrum. Animated stage background for projectors at Live Acts. Blender 2.8