Surely you have already seen it: The ANGRY ROAD TOUR 2019 starts in a few days. It starts in Munich in October and ends in Romania in November.
You can imagine that a lot of planning and coordination time was needed to make that happen!

Tour Dates:


FRI, 18.10. Soundcafe (Munich). The event takes place as part of the SPH band contest, including 7 bands playing this evening. We power three, namely Markus, Locke, Jørg.

DO, 24.10. Eddy's Rock Club (Munich). We hope for a sold out evening and a (this time) functioning subway and S-Bahn :-). If you do not yet know the location, a long staircase leads down to the iconic club in the middle of the 'Werkviertel' in a window passage. The ambience is 80ies style, decorated with records and posters on the walls. Absolutely awesome!!! Here too we are on the road as a power trio: Markus, Locke, Jørg


SA, 02.11. Rock'n Bike Club (Sibiu, Romania). After the gigantic “test run” in the first half of the year 2019 we are very happy to be guests of Silviu Havu Antonesei (club owner) again! THE hip rock bar in Sibiu, in which, in addition to the original Romanian stars of rock, well-known international greats have played !!! A small club that Silviu Havu has turned into the most iconic rock club in Sibiu with infinite attention to detail.
We want to do this and the following 3 concerts with our new line-up: Markus, Marius Dumitrescu, Oana Dumitrescu, Jørg

TUE, 05.11. Hardward Pub (Cluj, Romania). A completely new location for us! With a previously unknown audience that we can win over. We are very curious! The photos in Facebook are very promising. With Markus, Marius, Oana and Jørg.

THU, 07.11. Manufactura Club (Timisoara, Romania). A new location to conquer here too. We are all really looking forward to it: Markus, Marius, Oana and Jørg.

FR, 08.11. Aby Stage Bar (Ramnicu Valcea), A great club with a great stage. We play there for the second time and hope to leave even more enthusiastic spectators this time. As a special event will be my friend Carlo “Kamal” Bonomelli open the show from Italy. He plays some of his wonderful songs on the acoustic guitar! With Markus, Marius, Oana, Jørg and Kamal

Acoustic songs in Romania

Saturday, November 09.11th Empire (Sibiu). That will be a very nice onesonderhe evening - Special Acoustic Night with "Kamal & Jørg"! This time without a rock band. We both play and sing songs from our albums on acoustic guitars. I am convinced that the Empire will be the perfect location for this solo evening. The evening closes ANGRY ROAD TOUR 2019, We are looking forward!