Jørg in Riga ...?

02.082019: Jørg is live lonely and alone on the “Origo Summer Stage” in Riga :-).
How did that happen?
It was like this: I've been with for many months PA74 with my songs under contract. Alessandro Porcella (PA74) and Victoria Moro (Ginger Soul) are initiators of the well-known “#VFlive” event, which brings young talents and newcomers to international stages. Events took place in Latvia, Bulgaria and Italy as part of the #VFLIVE. At the final event in Riga, the two of them invited me to offer an acoustic set with 30 minutes. I would then take a large part of the “PA74 Family ”there in Latvia.

The time is running …

Immediately after arriving on August 01.08st.2019 At the airport in Riga there was a small damper: We (my girlfriend Karin and myself) were forced to take a standard taxi from the airport to the radio station, which brought us a hefty € 10 for the 58km! !! Unfortunately, it was no different, since the other artists were already represented on the radio program “on Air”.
On recommendation we had called a special taxi service over the phone, but it was a long time coming. And unfortunately I have to admit that communication via mobile phone in English with a Russian accent was almost impossible for me ...

The radio station

After the friendly taxi driver had paid and all suitcases and bags had been dragged to the second floor, we went into the broadcasting studio. Contrary to expectations, the rooms there are fairly large and very extensive - just a complete floor. After we literally burst into the show when opening the studio door, it had to be quick: put my little Blackstar Amp on the table, unpack the guitar and sing. Pooh, that was close - but it worked just fine. 🙂 The moderator Simona Letova was in a great mood and conveyed a lot of positive things. The announcements themselves were, of course, in Russian, but as it turned out, half of the party present was from PA74 from Italy - they also didn't understand a word 🙂
So it came that I stressed myself totally and with dried out throat with my Resonatorgitarre in Radio PIK FM found again; Jørg live in Riga with “Sheee's a womaaaaan…” so it sounded over the ether… 🙂


The accommodation in the “Baltic Hostel” was… ahem… superbly located, namely directly opposite Origo Square, directly above Mc Donald's. There is a large shopping center and a train station on the square itself. Exemplarily, the square itself is dominated by historical photos and sparkling clean.
In the middle, on the street side towards the building, the cute stage, which was then equipped on the day of the performance with 12 HK active boxes and the associated digital mixer. The 2 mixer boys were competent and quick, the sound was really good. Although the location was acoustically rather difficult ...

The appearance in Riga

The next day at 18 p.m. the ORIGO SUMMER STAGE started live: First the “little artists” from the previous #VFLIVE events, then there was a colorful mix. “Hidden Wolf” from Italy with a rocky rap mix in a breathtakingly fast exercise of the Italian language, DJ Dany & Levent Rihan with a pop-vocal mix that could find its place on any pop stage (italiano), Carlo “Kamal” Bonomelli with his eloquent ballads (Italian) and sometime in the middle Jørg with half an hour. Three blues pieces with the Resonator, including "Best Days of my life”And three pieces with KAMAL's acoustic guitar. Arrived well, although very few could have understood a word of mine 🙂
For me it was a great contrast to the set with the Band.

The highlight

The highlight of my performance was the ballad ”Close my eyes forever". Performed live with my protégé Luiza from Daugavpils (Latvia) in Riga. The piece was very well received and we are currently preparing a studio version of the song for worldwide release. Probably at Christmas time 2019! Luiza was coached by her lovely and competent singing teacher ALISA MAY and accompanied to Riga. Girls, great job. That was worth it!

The evening after the performance, the “hard core” met for a beer in the wonderfully lively old town pub mile to exchange a few words and make various fraternizations. Unfortunately, much too short, because our plane took off at 5.40 a.m., so the funny karaoke evening was clearly for the Italian boys ...


So that's the story "Jørg live in Riga ”. Facebook is bursting with videos of this event and a few nice photos are in the gallery below. Certainly one or the other event results from it. In Bulgaria, Italy or Latvia. It was worth it ... 🙂
Many thanks to Victoria Moro (Ginger Soul), Alessandro Porcella (PA74) and Simona Letova (PIK 100 FM).