10.052019: How very exciting - our first foray into Munich! Jørg in Eddy's rock club! Due to the traffic situation, we dropped in one after the other in the Werksviertel at Eddy's Rock Club.
Our event manager Norbert “Bertl” Seitz (Bertl Concerts) greeted us in the friendliest way. The club is in the basement, but we could easily lift our equipment onto the spacious stage using an elevator. Great club, records, concert posters and tablets and signs hang everywhere. Much cozier than the house would suggest from the outside (the club is located in the middle of a modern shopping arcade with lots of glass and concrete).
The club owner, Eddy himself, greeted us in a friendly manner and helped us through the soundcheck. Due to the late arrival, the setup and soundcheck dragged on until shortly after eight - SORRY for that, Eddy! The sound was all the better, and with Bertl on the light nothing could go wrong. At least we thought ...

The concert evening

When the first guests arrived, it gradually became clear that we would be playing in front of a very small audience. Because the U-Bahn and S-Bahn were not in operation due to maintenance, and obviously the inclined Munich resident is doomed to spend an evening watching TV at home. It's a shame, but we had a terrific evening in front of three handful of attentive listeners, the espsondere on the instrumentals in the set (Dancing Butterfly + Blues for two). At this point, many thanks to the Pfaffenhofen guests who came to Eddy's Rock Club in Munich especially for this concert !!!
The highlight of the show was of course the vocal support from Bertl (our gig manager), who demonstrated his talent as a show talent with “Born to be wild”.

To smile

As a little anecdote about it - of course I couldn't keep my mouth shut; I had asked Bertl beforehand to switch the stage light to intense red at “Gotham City”. Since a small battle of words in the middle of the set, he now has the melodious nickname “Rotlicht-Bertl”. 🙂

Thanks to everyone involved! On Thursday, October 24.10th2019 see you there again. This time with “Full House” for sure! Jørg in Eddy's rock club!