On 03.05. the day of truth had come; the official CD release concert in Pfaffenhofen for the “Jørg - Angry Road”Premiere between all the familiar faces. I expected it would be much more difficult between the guitar teacher Jörg, who everyone knows there more or less, and the “artificial figure Jørg and 'Angry Road”Switch. Because you are quite biased when you suddenly give the "rock star". But it succeeded in the first moment - the show begins - I start the first bars alone with the resonator guitar. Bluesy sounds let us all into it from the first moment ANGRY ROAD Immerse the program.

Great sound at Intakt

As expected, the sound must have been pretty good (thanks, Michael !!!) although there were probably minor problems with the radio links. Of any failures, however, was nothing to notice (which happened at a premiere like).
For the first time live we delivered Battles on stage. Optically and acoustically we could give everything. Our audience was extremely enthusiastic and also accepted sing-alongs and gossip calls, a few of ours CDs changed hands. Great, and that for Jørg - Angry Road Premiere!

Hats off!

I would also like to mention a great newspaper article in the Pfaffenhofen courier with the headline “Hat off”. The writer Birgit Schmid was probably well inclined to us. “Since many of his students were in the audience, went Jörg Klein As a guitar professional, he was as personal with them as he was with his bandmates, with whom he delivered spontaneous battles to the audience's delight… ” or "Besonders entertaining and personable were especially his stories about the making of the individual songs, such as “In the middle of nowhere”, which was written at the Romanian airport in Sibiu ... ” as well as “But no matter whether gentle or hard, whether rock or blues, the band members cast a spell over their listeners, both jointly and as soloists. ”
Thanks also for a perfect one Jørg - Angry Road Premiere!!!
Thank you, Pfaffenhofen. See you soon, to the next CD release!