It was a Sunday, it was a spontaneous performance and, accordingly, it wasn't too busy. Nevertheless, it was an amazing evening in what is probably the hottest atmosphere when it comes to rock clubs: Jørg at the Rock'n Bike Club in Sibiu!
There is also a little story here. During our first band weekend in Romania it turned out that our friend Aurel Dinca (Semifinale Eurovision Song Contest 2017) made his debut as a singer with the renowned Romanian band KRYPTON. It was a Saturday and it took place in this “Rock'n Bike Club”. And I realized very soon; in this club on the iconic stage I definitely want to stand with my music !!!

Getting there

The drive from the previous venue in Ramnicu Valcea was quite pleasant. Almost 2 hours of lively entertainment in the van from Marius, who also drove. Markus took a nap in the back seat and Christian was driving his own car. It took a while until we could carry our equipment down to the basement club. The owner, Silviu Havu Antonesei, speaks German quite well. He worked in Germany for a time until he was able to realize his dream of a live Rock'n Bike Club in Sibiu.

The structure

In the club itself there are parts of a drum kit on the stage that may have been intended as an emergency. Markus set about the construction with great enthusiasm and quickly adjusted all the boilers. Surprise - the set sounded really great!
In the meantime, we had also built up the rest. Once again I got a mild smile for mine 8 ″ mini box in the human body and facts about the Bugera-5W amp from which the guys but already passed the soundcheck 🙂

The concert evening

8 spectators - a private concert in the Rock'n Bike Club for an enthusiastic Silviu, who invited us to a “real concert evening” on one of the Saturdays reserved for autumn.
I started the set with my resonator guitar and went with a blues improvisation through the guest room to greet each of the guests personally. That is pure feedback! Then the set with “Monster” rolled out of the ANGRY ROAD On, that is always a tremendous power boost for us and obviously also for the audience.
Every time we play the songs we discover new facets in our music. And every concert evening feels a little different ...


Thank you my friend Silviu Havu, we had a lot of fun. Horny sound, great lighting, great atmosphere! We'll be back!
PS: In retrospect, I learned that we had probably played in the hottest club in Sibiu. Everything had already played there, which has rank and name in the rock business. A few years earlier, David Coverdale (Whitesnake) was reportedly on the scene. Wow!

Jørg & Christian & Marius & Markus in the Rock'n Bike Club, Sibiu