Saturday. 20.04.2019: We started around noon from Dragasani towards Ramnicu Valcea. Another scenic route like the day before by bus, but with far less traffic on the road. So we were really on time at the venue, the Aby Stage Bar. Said bar belongs to the organizer of the Brezoi Blues Festival (Mihai Razvan Mugescu), and we were warmly welcomed there.
Part of the equipment was on-site (most drum parts, guitar and bass box), so Marius (our Romanian bass player) took care of the cymbals and a snare. After all, he lives in the city, and after building on the spacious stage with a subsequent soundcheck (all super professional), we had enough time to go to a few houses to eat.
Meanwhile, Marius drove home, probably to get a sleep cap. The poorest had a performance with his Romanian RIDE ON BAND in Bucharest on Thursday (3h drive) and had to work on Fridays before "collecting" us. 2 hours of sleep were a bit lean ...

Now it was time to wait. 21pm… um… we're still waiting for guests…
Then we started. 40 paying guests for a hitherto unknown German band were also a positive surprise for Mihai. And it went off again.
Jørg starts with his resonator guitar and greets each guest personally under the “doodle”, which in principle lifts the mood of everyone involved. Once on the stage, the first bars of “Best Days of my Life”And Christian joins in to gently accompany the organ.
In order to heat up the mood I start with a free interpretation of “La Grange” after the title, also on the resonator guitar. The calculation worked, the audience clapped enthusiastically!
Hello, welcome ... etc. ... change the guitar and play MONSTER. And with the transferred energy from MONSTER, the other songs in the set rolled through the audience like a steamroller.
A very besonderThere was a moment on “Blues for two” - Jørg sits on the stage stairs and plays deeply. There was a moment when I could feel the audience with my eyes closed. Incredible! Voodoo!!!

The very last song in the set belongs to Marius: WHILE MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS. The little technical glitch (Marius' microphone cable had worn out - so replace the microphone with mine), nobody bothered us and the last guest was finally fully on our side! This was then expressed in a CD-signing session and a photo session with us. Again I made a promise to come back in the fall. And I will do everything to make it work. Thank you, Ramnicu Valcea - thank you Mihai. We'll return !!!

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