Jørg im Atelier Dragasani: This time Markus (drums) and I arrived in Romania a day earlier (April 18.04th), as the best one-way flight connection from Germany to Romania has been postponed to Thursday. I had rented a nice little apartment for us, but was informed shortly before the start to the airport that our apartment had no electricity and that the landlord would “forward” us to a friend. Instead of panic, which I would certainly have had before my first visit to Romania, I couldn't help but grin. Something like that can happen to you over there ... 🙂

Before the gig ...

As always, the flight with WizzAir was uncomplicated - but a little uncomfortable for people 1.90m tall. I always have a “canned anchovy” feeling. But well, somehow they have to get the cheap prices financed ... and that's okay for 1,5 hours.
Sibiu Airport - taxi to the destination - funny little living cube (a room with 3 beds, nice little bathroom bricked up, bathroom door closer of course mounted outside instead of inside) and then first walk into the city center.
Excellent doner platter at Super Mamma (24h - fast food chain) ... a coffee here, a cappuccino there - checked out possible clubs to play there ... and it was past midnight. End of working day.

Breakfast in the atrium

After a great breakfast in the Atrium Café (I love the “English Breakfast” there) and a long search for a suitable bus connection to Ramnicu Valcea, we started buzzing. Take the bus towards the meeting point with our Romanian bass player and dear friend Marius. Of course, as expected, there was a traffic jam on Main Street through Romania. But our bus driver (who probably earlier earned his bread on the Nürburgring * gg *) almost caught up with the delay. You have to know that the route runs serpentine-like along the river. Breathtakingly beautiful !!! However, mastering this route at full throttle between the rock face on the right hand side and oncoming, fat trucks on the two-lane lane deserves my full respect!
Marius was already waiting for us in Ramnicu Valcea (his hometown), collected us and it was in his 17 years old Van just under 2 hours to the site, Dragasani.

Atelier Dragasani

The “Atelier Dragasani” is a small restaurant that Andrei, the owner, has decorated really great in steampunk style. The stage takes up about half of the restaurant. Sound system on site, lighting system permanently installed - SUPER LOCATION! In the meantime Christian (keyboard) had also joined us with his German friend Christian. The two were traveling by car and had taken a shortcut around the Carpathian Mountains. (The abbreviation then in plain language meant 5h drive for the last 133 km. They found the only connection on their route that consisted exclusively of potholes * ggg *).

Setup, sound check, smoked a few cigarettes, moved and off we went.
The gig in front of about 30 people (35 would have fit in at most) was an incredible experience - every single one of you was fully there! Thanks to my newly acquired guitar transmitter, I was able to walk between people, fax, encourage them to sing, it was just great! The whole room was buzzing with energy - even after our appearance. Andrei was so nice and entertained us (after the shop had closed !!!) with his huge homemade burgers. (Delicious, I've never seen anything like that !!!)

... and after the gig

Jørg, Christian, Markus and Marius in the Atelier Dragasani: After he gave us the half-full Jägermeister bottle and a few glasses on the table in the smokers area for self-service and more and more guests joined us, the evening ended in Local with arranged tables, a mug of wine, a few beers and Andrei's acoustic guitar. Meanwhile dismantling of the music stuff and loaded into the car; So the twenty of us sat there and took turns singing, singing along, telling stories, smoking cigarettes (the entrance door was locked) and having such a wonderful event. Zack - it was already 5 o'clock in the morning ... off to the hotel, the air conditioning there turned down from 22 ° to 16 ° and took a nap.
The next morning we said goodbye and promised that we would come back in the fall. Yes, people, of course. We will be back!!! 100% safe!
(As of 6.10.2019: Unfortunately Andrei's schedule didn't have a gap for us ... a shame ...)

So that was the first appearance of our “mini tour”. A wonderful story, the likes of which I haven't been able to experience before. THANK YOU, DRAGASANI !!! WE WILL RETURN !!!
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