Friday 1.3.2019:
Jørg in the Atrium Cafe: After the successful evening in Rockstadt, Brasov (German name Kronstadt), after breakfast with friends, we continued with Marius' car (our Romanian bassist) towards Sibiu. We came from there the day before. This trip also took a good 3 hours. The picturesque view of the snow-capped peaks of the Carpathian Mountains and the wonderful spring weather made the trip seem much shorter.

When we arrived in Sibiu (Hermannstadt) we found the location pretty quickly. We took a first look at the Atrium Cafe. A few meters away from the pedestrian zone and directly on the “Liar Bridge”.
In the café, after a friendly greeting and the allocation of our rooms, there was an oven-fresh pizza and a delicious cappuccino. With a heart in the milk foam :-). Oh - no drums there ... no guitar box there ... ooooh ... quickly made a phone call, wrote a list on WhatsApp and 45 minutes later the problem was resolved. The technician arrived with the necessary accessories.

... and let's go!

Construction, soundcheck and a few technical mini-tasks (soldering iron, cable adapter and tape are your best friend on tour) later we were ready to start. Meanwhile, the first guests were already in the Atrium Café. Despite all my fears about the volume in the small room, this gig was a complete success!

When we arrived after the move and a little rest in the building across the street to attend the show, we found a sold out Atrium Cafe!
Our guests took each of my stupid announcements with a smile or a nod of their head and there was hardly anyone who did not work rhythmically with their heads or feet on the songs. For me it was a strange feeling to play and sing on the ground floor in the middle of people. But: We got the full attention from the first to the last piece! The audience as well as the manager were extremely enthusiastic! As soon as we are there again, we should definitely play for you again. Of course, we'll be back, I promise ...! In summer at the latest 2020! again Jørg in the Atrium Cafe!