On February 28.2 was it so far - Jørg in Rockstadt, Brasov! Our Romanian bass player and dear friend Marius Dumitrescu picked us up from the airport in Sibiu (Romania) and transported us the 130km to Brasov (it takes a good 3 hours there in optimal traffic conditions). The club "rock city”Had booked us there for the evening. The series of events is called “Transilvania Blues Nights”. And as soon as we got there, the construction and sound check started. With the help of the capable technician Horatiu Bodocan we had a bomb sound in the hall and in ours from home in no time In-Ear Monitoring System.

Successful evening!

After a (rather long) rest phase the show started at around 21.30:XNUMX p.m. - I started with my resonator guitar all by myself ”Best Days of my Life”, Then led over to a blues improvisation in“ La Grange ”by ZZ Top. Band gets in - set starts, everything is fine.

18 title in set

With our set we have at least 18 titles from the genres blues, blues rock and rock "in hand luggage", which are hard to top in terms of variety. The songs went perfectly, the audience was completely on our side and this very first appearance with Marius was a complete success. In short: “Jørg in Rockstadt Brasov ”rocked the hut! Actually, I had a little bit of doubts about how this (foreign) audience would react to the slow and sad songs in the set (e.g. 'Home alone' and 'Best days of my life') - but these songs convey so much feeling and attention to detail. And that's exactly how it came across in this 'Transilvania Blues Night'.

Conclusion - Jørg in rock city

Although not all tables were occupied, but this estimated third of potential listeners was there with rhythm and fire. The stage height is about 1.50m, so it is quite high. And the backstage area is a real, small room with access to a flat above. It was all very nice, the people suuupernett and the mood partylike.

BesonderThanks at this point to Vlad and Alin, the operators of the “Transylvania Blues Nights” in Rockstadt, Brasov. It would not have been possible without you!

The next morning the trip was to take us to Sibiu, into the Atrium Cafe.