Jørg at the DRPP 2018 - on December 8.12th2018. The “German Rock and Pop Prize 2018 took place in the Siegerlandhalle in Siegen. We (my band and I) were nominated three times:
1.) for audition in the category “Best Rock Band 2018"
2.) for audition in the category “Best Singer-Songwriter 2018"
3.) to announce the “Best Guitarist 2018"
Unfortunately we could not score in the band contests, but I can proudly announce in the category “best guitarist 2018”To have taken the second (!) Place.
At this point, many thanks to Jonathan Hackenberg, who masterfully played the western guitar on “Goodbye good old Word”.

And yet it was good!

Jørg at the DRPP 2018 did not have a direct win, but then indirectly afterwards. Because from the high quality video recordings of the Rock Musician Association at the event (thanks, Ronja Rabe!) I was able to draw great sequences for the official video of “Good bye, good old World”. And with this video I am now (KW40 /2019) in 3rd place of the 'Euro indie music charts'.

Unfortunately we were too bad for Germany - in Europe it works even better :-)

DRPP 001
aperture: 6
Camera: Canon EOS 1300D
Iso: 3200
Orientation: 1
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