Jørg on the road to success

Jørg on the road to success

Although I have launched many great projects - most recently the album "Aeternom - fight! for the Kingdom”And“ Electrify me ”as the first international cooperation with“Jørg & Reneaud ”(see below) so I need your support.

The new model is called “become my patron” - you support me with a small monthly amount, but you get certain exclusive benefits. Look here:

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Everything is explained again on the “Patreon” homepage… so I'll save it here. Of course I am available for questions via FB, WhatsApp or Twitter.

So here is the hammer artwork ”Jørg & Reneaud - Electrify me ”. Have fun and please like!

Jørg on the road to success - my hard work is gradually paying off:
Since spring 2018 I have released four successful albums
• Aeternom - fight! for the kingdom
Jørg – We call it Blues,
• Jørg – Love!,
• Jørg – Angry Road).
• Online live show for “Concerti dal Divani”
• Many great gigs in Romania, Latvia and Germany
• "Jørg – Good bye, good old world"In the top ten Euroindiemus charts!
• "Jørg – Angry Road Tour”From October 2019 (DE and ROM)
• 2020 EP "SLIDE FUSION" With "Surgery Records" from England

music is my life

For some time now, there has been a successful course in Europe. We (my band mates and myself) can look back on many incomparable moments on the live stages of Europe.

Music is diversity, music is precision. That's how I try to handle my songs. Instrumentals, blues, rock, acoustic songs. This is my world, the world of Jørg, In the menus you will find links, pictures and song examples. Have fun browsing!

I called it blues ...

... but now it is blues & rock from Ingolstadt. With the 2019 Album "ANGRY ROAD”The style refines itself in clear blues and straight rock music in 9 tracks.

early April 2018 my first blues rock CD was released ”We call it blues ". It transports blues, funk, blues rock and rock in 12 tracks.

Meanwhile (2019) is also my solo album “Love!”Appeared, which is located in the rock and contains many beautiful acoustic elements.

2020: the new EP "Slide Fusion”Is now available in all shops! The successful mix of blues slide guitar and heavy metal.

Click here you can find videos of me!

About Me

Jørg = Jörg Klein - Rock forever! That is becoming increasingly clear now. The great successes live since summer 2018 and the appearance of "We call it blues”Speak a clear language. I now have the solo album "Love!" released (2019) and also the second blues rock album “Angry Road". So that the songs can get into your hearts. My latest project is called "Slide Fusion”And consists of an explosive mixture of“ Blues Slide ”and Heavy Metal.

My music is available worldwide (Menu -> Music -> “Buy”) and it spreads very well. Of course with YOUR support ...!

Except for two cover titles on “We call it Blues”(“ Sentimental Journey ”+“ Little Wing ”) are all songs composed and produced by me. In my own recording studio I have all the necessary professional equipment. I recorded the drums on the two blues rock CDs with Markus Maier, and set up the equipment for drum multitrack recording in the practice room.

When I am not performing live on stage or producing songs in the studio, I work as guitar teacher. "Jørg”Is my stage name, my name is in normal life Jörg Klein and live in Ingolstadt, Germany.

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