Jørg on the road to success

Jørg on the road to success

Jørg on the road to success - my hard work is gradually paying off:
• I have released three successful albums since spring 2018 (Jørg - We call it blues, Jørg - Love!, Jørg - Angry Road).
• Many great gigs in Romania, Latvia and Germany
• "Jørg - Good bye, good old world"In the top ten Euroindiemus charts!
• "Jørg - Angry Road Tour"Begins in October 2019 (DE and ROM)

music is my life

For some time now, there has been a successful course in Europe. We (my band mates and myself) can look back on many incomparable moments on the live stages of Europe.

Music is diversity, music is precision. So I also try to handle my songs. Instrumentals, Blues, Rock, Acoustic Songs. This is my world, the world of Jørg. In the menus you will find links, pictures and song samples. Have fun browsing!

I called it blues ...

... but now it will be rock. With the 2019 album "ANGRY ROAD" the style is refined in clear blues and straight rock music in 9 titles.

At the beginning of April 2018 my first Bluesrock CD "We call it Blues" was released. It carries blues, funk, blues rock and rock in 12 tracks.

ANGRY ROAD also means the 90-minute live program that we perform for three (drums, bass, guitar / vocals). We play songs from the albums "Angry Road", "We call it Blues" and "Love!".

About Me

Rock forever! This is becoming clearer and clearer. The great successes live since summer 2018 and the release of "We call it blues" speak a clear language. Meanwhile, I have released the solo album "Love!" (2019) as well as the second blues-rock album "Angry Road". So that the songs can get into your heart.
My music is available worldwide (see menu link "Buy") and it spreads very well. Of course, through YOUR support ...!

All but one of my cover songs on "We call it Blues" ("Sentimental Journey" + "Little Wing") are composed and produced by me. In my own recording studio I have all the necessary professional equipment. I recorded the drums on the two Bluesrock CDs with Markus Maier, I set up the equipment for multitrack recording in the practice room.

In the time when I'm not live on stage or producing songs in the studio, I work as a guitar teacher.

ReViews / News

Jørg ranked 2 on the Euro Indie charts

The Hammer: Jørg on the 2 of the EuroIndie-MusicCharts KW41! If you have not seen the video of 'good bye, good old world' - HERE IS THE LINK to the penultimate news article (EuroIndie-MusicCharts place 5, week 39 / 2019) and the YouTube video. Incidentally, the post picture is also from week 39. Listen to EUROINDIECHARTS: https://tunein.com/radio/European-Indie-Music-Network-s265119/ If your time and ...

Angry Road Tour 2019

Surely you have already seen it: The ANGRY ROAD TOUR 2019 will start in a few days. It starts in October in Munich and ends in November in Romania. You can imagine that a lot of planning and coordination time was needed to make that happen! Tour dates: Munich FR, 18.10. Soundcafe (Munich). The event will take place ...


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