Brecon Indie Reviews was developed by Mary Wood in 2015, responding to Bands asking she Review, based on YouTube comments written about their Music. Free for 4 years; upon year 5 she requires Indies make a direct donation to one of two Charities or one they may prefer. For Musicians with no money, Volunteer time may be substituted. This has benefited the Charities greatly and she believes the donators and Hope’s the Program a model for others. ( and

She recently developed an internal, Brecon Indie Reviews Consultant Team that is proving an amazing addition to Reviews. Mary grew up during her beloved late 60s/70s Music era and breathed in all Genre and not one left. She proceeded into the future of Music always maintaining a 70s foundation as part of her. She was exposed and influenced, by an amazingly musical  family, to Music that saw variety from Beethoven to Swing to Marching Bands.This helped broaden a genetically sharp ear, gifted from her Dad.

She was a Madrigal Vocalist for 2 years, has an educational and practice background in Writing, Journalism and Radio. She is an Oldschool Funk and Soul fanatic. Rock has been part of her life since the late 60s and never stopped. There was a 10 year lag, until she heard a wonderful Scottish Rocker, Terry McDermott. ” Just when she thought she was out he pulled her back in” (A reference from The Godfather).

Throughout her Career in Mental Health and Corrections Institutionsshe utilized Music in Programs and on the fly; even when an Assistant Warden she worked with Inmate Musicians to prepare for small events. She maintains that the best Soul Singers are in US Prisons. She describes Music  as her longest and greatest relationship.

Brecon Indie Reviews is named after her beloved, very Indie, family farm, “Brecon Stables.” Suitably, she has an enormous number of UK Bands in her Review fold.She moves forward with a Team approach to the Indie Review and Promo world, she feels is currently too linear and rather a cliche. Her future with Brecon Indie Reviews shall evolve into Brecon Indie PUBlicity, BI PUB; a Team establishment for off road ideas, promoting and Reviews using the BI Consulting all with an Ale ‘tude, up in the PUB.

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Here are some of the Team Members:

Grunge Norris

Primary Rock Advisor Administrative Assistant

Rubber Clown Car:

Songwriting and Delivery

Delerium Trees:

Comprehensive Instrumental Delivery Multi G

3Mind Blight:

Multi Rock/Cross

Emily Glazener:

Female Vocals

Jack Baldwin:

Male Vocals

Tim Soucy:

Instrumental Submissions