The Moondogz – Summer Rain (Review)

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Bio & Interview:

The Moondogz are are Cheshire UK based indie rock band. Song: “Summer Rain” Album: ‘What’s Done is Done’

Album release:
‘What’s Done is Done’ was released on Bandcamp and CD on 23rd September 2020.
Profile Song: “Summer Rain”

The Moondogz have been around a few years, here is the Band: Ant Machin (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Band Founder Gaz Morgan (lead guitar and backing vocals), Andy Shallcross (Bass) and Aaron Walker (drums). *former drummer, Tony Kingdon was the main on this Album and plays the drums on four of the album tracks. The incredible Joe Oakes stood in, admirably, for the rest of the recording sessions. (Aaron doesn’t actually appear on the album at all.) The Moondogz released an EP last year called ‘Resurgence’, and have now followed it up with a debut album ‘What’s Done is Done’. The Album theme: The Album Title,’What’s Done is Done,’ came from the desire of the current line-up to move away from the early folky Blues sound of the band to more of a Rock sound. Much of the lyrics are reflections on Ant’s past experiences; things that can’t be changed; hence ‘What’s Done is Done’. The track ‘Summer Rain’ is an extension of this; the lyrics look back on the past, with a slight melancholy that those times are gone.

Band influences include: Nirvana, Bowie, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Foo fighters, Blur, The Wildhearts, Guns n’ Roses, The Misfits, Muse and Queen.

Breaking News: Moondogz are legislated apart! Jamming sessions are currently on hold; as the UK government became increasingly fearful of the raw power of The Moondogz, they hurriedly passed legislation to prevent the band meeting up. This however will not last, and the ‘dogz will rise again. The sessions are a forum for any of the band members to put forward an idea; the rest of the band then just joins in and songs tend to come together quickly. Jamming sessions in three words: Free, spontaneous and fun! This Band is a tight group. The rehearsals are spent either playing or laughing; quite often at Ant, who doesn’t always catch on to the joke at first. Tony is a constant source of one-liners and Dad jokes. The main thing, the music, is taken very seriously. Gaz and Ant occasionally have creative differences… nothing that doesn’t get sorted by meeting up for a few beers (whiskey for Ant). Our vast legions of fans are called, “Doggerz.”

We continue with two BreconIndieTeamConsults:

3MindBlight: He comments, “The Melody and drum lines make your head nod and the Guitar is in perfect timing with the Vocal.” “The Lyrics bring you back to happy childhood memories of dancing in the rain.” “There is perfect balance of undertone melody and vocal sycopation.” He continues, “If you are looking for the perfect blend of vocal and guitar goodness to rock your Saturday Nights, look no further because you have found it!

We conclude with THE fantastic Review of the Song,”Summer Rain,” by: Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse: “There is a very cleverly crafted mix in the verses; a croaking vocal pouring out, in a way similar to that of Axle Rose. This fits perfectly with the post-punk anx on the guitars. Contrarily, in the chorus the harmonies lift the vocal to a whole new emotion of freedom; not having a care in the world, similar to Vocalists of the 60s and 70s.” Jack continues, “The juxtaposition between the verses and the chorus works perfectly; the verses representing life when you let daily worries get to you and control you and the choruses representing the joy you can get out of life once you decide to finally let go of the small things that have consumed your life and made you anxious.”
Jack further comments, “The drums represent perfectly the meaning of the song – plodding along in the verses to create a tense atmosphere, and exploding in the choruses, letting rip and enjoying the freedom to hit whatever drum it wants!
The song is mixed extremely well with the vocals sitting on top of the music, at a perfect level of not too quiet so the meaning of the song is lost, but not too loud so the atmosphere of the music is lost. Great guitar tones!””The theme is presented perfectly in the chorus, to appreciate the sheer joy and freedom experienced by letting go of your worries and enjoying the world around you.” Jack Baldwin Wildhorse
The only thing I have left to say is, @BreconIReviews is an Official
Mary Wood BreconIndieReviews @BreconIReviews with amazing BIRTeamConsultants: 3Mind Blight and THE complete Song Review on, “Summer Rain,” by: Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse.

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this The Moondogz – Summer Rain (Review):
the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 28.10. – 01.11.2020

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Love Battalion – Medium Fish (Review)

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Love Battalion is tagged to strike a match on the paradox of War, (“Battalion”) that burns in destruction, hate and negativity. Conversely, Love represents the Band’s desire that their Music induce Love and positivity over negativity.

These guys are remarkably and righteously aware of the causes of hate and negativity, from the time of youth and are on a heat seeking mission to create change through their Music.

This Band is in Indianapolis, Indiana and roll as true Midwesterners.

Love Battalion is:

Jason Bambery – Vocals
Mike Smiley – Guitar
Larry Langley – Bass
Jared Asher – Drums.

Direct from these dudes, about the inception of their Album, Demos:

“A 9 song Demo was recorded Live during sessions and captured at Jason’s Studio~Purple Harvest over a 6 session period around 2 hours per session.”

They continue, “These Demos were released because the music just doesn’t stop, and we wanted to get what we already had out to the fan’s and not lose the momentum.”

Talk about on the fly talent!

“Our Influences are all over the map, with: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sly and the Family Stone, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Iron Maiden, Mother Love Bone, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Nirvana, AC/DC, Iggy Pop, to Johnny Cash the list goes on and on.” “Take them all and blend it together and the Demo’s just touches the surface of what is to come.”

Of the most impressive things Love Battalion shared with me, is that Soul Music greatly influenced their Music and I believe very much who they are. Specifically, Gospel and Blues were noted and this impresses me so much and makes me smile! These guys have been rocking together since the 90s!

A great comment from the Band, proven by both their Music processes and end result: “The chemistry with the four of us is amazing, it’s like capturing lightening in a bottle.”

These dudes carry the uniqueness of the Midwestern area and their experiences, into their music in creative, metaphorical and other brilliantly odd ways.

The Band adds, about their beloved State, “There’s more than corn in Indiana.” And, hell yes there is!

Love Battalion is old school Rock grounded; high energy, with rather a Punkish edge. Take these and dip them in those great listed, “Best of,” genre influences and we have a pipe hitter of a Band!

I asked them to describe their Band using three words and they chose,

” Entertaining, energetic and engaging…with a bonus, loveable!”

We selected, “Medium Fish,” as the profile song for this article, from their debut CD, “Demos.”

No one could provide a better Review input than our Lead Brecon Indie Reviews Team Consultant and prodigiously badass Alternative Rocker, Grunge Norris: “This is Midwestern American Garage Rock at its finest. It is reminiscent of MC5 , The Dirtbombs and Von Bondies. 21st Century apathy never sounded so good. A must for all fans of sounds Jack White! It’s 2002 all over again!”

The Band explained , “Medium Fish,” is meant to depict their satisfaction being relevant and impacting in their city, where they are planted, versus, the all too typical industry tude of bust wide open and go world wide.

The very catchy lyrics within the punkish paced delivery are a trip! They are imaginative, home grown and really combust the Medium Fish philosophy. The Band pivots off of each other for a grand blend, rather a live concert feel. The Lead Vocal has a clean voice with some great Midwestern dirt in the flavor; almost a sarcastic, satirical ‘tude, perfect to the Lyrics. Up top verse is such creative DIY on the fly and establishes them as homies, “Were headed for stormy weather, yesterday it felt like Winter; Today is a Tropicana, welcome to Indiana.” The energetic rhythm of the tune makes it really entertaining. These are lyrics that must be heard to pop.

The song taps this Band as old souls, who, cleverly roll this into their Music. They are almost strangely enlightened and are simply good. They actually describe their genre, off cuff, as

“Love Rock,” that was a tag back in the 60s/70s.

Any Band that signs off like this is also, beyond cool, ” Peace and Bacon Grease, let our love shine in,” Love Battalion.

Mary Wood

@BreconIReviews and BIRConsultant Grunge Norris

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Love Battalion – Medium Fish (Review):
the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 28.10. – 01.11.2020

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Rick Pisano – Can’t get enough (Review)

Rick Pisano - Can't get enough (Review)
Rick Pisano – Can’t get enough: listen to it on Spotify!

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

Profile of Rick Pisano

Rick Pisano, is within what I call, “My very top level,” of Indies Reviewed over five years. He is a primarily a Blues and Rock, Solo Artist. The earliest Music influence for Rick was The Beatles, who he saw on the Ed Sullivan Show and knew Musicianry to be his future. Coincidentally, the Beatles would gift him his favorite Concert and wild night years later.  Proceeding influences included, but, were not limited to: Muddy Waters, BB King and Luther Allison in Blues; The Beatles, Stones, Moody Blues, Neil Diamond and others in the Rock arena with a Ballad kicker.

In my mind, flashing back to this Music, I hear some of these influences in the best of ways; he holds rather a combination of the tudes and skills, that defined some of the Blues Artists and Rockers. This would affect his direction; influences always at heart, to land and grow within his own space and as a distinctive Musician. He certainly had the best in Songwriting influences from these legends, and it shows! His Songwriting is confident, real, relatable, life story driven; often personal. He plates all of his Songwriting for the contemporary palate, while he stays planted in the 60s/70s. He profiles an extraordinary and growling Vocal delivery; the dominant feature in the songs.

The Rockers have to be up in his Guitar ability; each song on his new Album, Dawn of the Waking Man, profiles another layer of skills and sounds that so affect the most righteous Music lovers. He loved the tune, “Born to Be Wild,” and that could be his Guitar tag! Rick’s first performance was in a bar in a, “Not so nice area of Boston.” He was only seventeen, in a Band with some play cred in the area. As the Lead Guitar and Vocal he, “Was a bit shaky at first, but, settled down to liking it.” Surely, his brother with him, playing the Drums, helped! They were both, “Able to leave with their lives and crumbled up $10 bill each.” What a fun story.

I referenced Rick’s Album, Dawn of the Waking Man earlier. This, Rick’s first Album is not new, but, he feels new to most people.He is currently working on his second Album. You shall love the song I’m reviewing from the Album,”Can’t Get Enough.” The Album, as I expected, owns a grand variety of superbly written songs, a sand papered Vocal and mad delivery that skillfully modulates throughout the Album full of different Genres. Enjoy the song here and on Jørg’s Radioshow from Wednesday through Sunday, and please read the Review.

Review “Can’t Get Enough”

I cannot throw all of the nods owed to this song by Rick Pisano.He delivers this song with one of my favorite Vocal styles: Low~register edged, growling, grinding sandpaper eating Singing. The Vocal could be considered a questionable partner to the Music, as noted by one of our Brecon Indie Consultants.

I l’ove it! 
The contrary nature reinforces how confident Rick is as a 
stand alone, distinctive Musician, who rolls it out as a passionate and committed Singer.
The Guitar really standouts as a lead character in this play! 
The long, whining shreds make me high. Dude knows how to ride up hard in the score with Guitar.

The production is one I really like and enjoy this song.
It is part of an Album, Dawn of the Waking Man, with several Genres, that  required a vastly modulated Vocal, as well as a genre change~up Music Score.
Rick slams this throughout the Album. 
I especially love the Gospel in the Album and his delivery. 
I feel this is a great arena for Rick for continued endeavor.
Rick Pisano is a Rock/Blues Monsta who confidently dabbles well in other Genres.

Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Rick Pisano – Can’t get enough (Review):
the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 21.10. – 25.10.2020

Grunge Norris – Unholy Jane + Black Rose (Review)

Grunge Norris (Review)
Grunge Norris – Unholy Jane: listen to it on Spotify!
Grunge Norris – Black Rose: listen to it on Spotify!

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SHORT/INTRO BIO: Grunge Norris is a prodigious Indie Alternative Rocker and Radio Show Host on SLE Radio. He hails from South East England.

Review: GrungeNorris, South East England; Songs, “Unholy Jane” and “Black Rose.” Album: Bad Monkey

Review by Mary Wood Brecon Indie Reviews; with Review comments from Drew Jarvie of  The Delerium Trees, as a BIRTeamConsultant.

We are Reviewing one of the most  prodigiously skilled, brilliantly strange and densely cool Indie Musicians in the League, Grunge Norris. 

“Unholy Jane,” and, “Black Rose,” are incredibly listener affecting, entertaining and puzzling songs; arising from creative, clever and uninhibited  Songwriting, steps above most and written in a real and/or analogous bake. 

Both songs showcase a smooth Rock Vocal with light, underlying gravel that flaunts confident and masterful Guitar shredding, throughout.  He considers himself a, “Guitar Head.”  He runs a couple of Fender strats, both slightly modded through rough and a 1957 Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe.  He records Reel to Reel! He is also a master of a righteously cooky collection of vintage Keys, wish I had room! 

Drew Jarvie, our Brecon Indie Consultant, wrote this marvel of a critique: “Grunge sings like a man possessed with an Eddie Vedder spirit. Unholy Jane is a an amazing song with magnificent guitar work, that provides a tremendous counterpoint to Grunge’s singing.”      He continued to hook Unholy Jane with  an air of Pearl Jam; high praise indeed!

Grunge writes, “I wrote “Unholy Jane,” in a, five minute flurry of intense creativity, one hot afternoon in August 2016. My brain was enhanced by mother nature’s finest reefer.” “I started messing around with a chord arrangement I never even known existed. I strummed the first chord and the line, “High as the sun.” I knew I’d written something really special. In retrospect, Unholy Jane is a song about the folly of misadventure in a post apocalyptic world.” 

He continues writing about a second track marvel from, Bad Monkey.

“Black Rose focuses on unrequited love and the repercussions of karmic activity: “Eye for an eye, do or die , you’re gonna reap what you sow.” “It is also steeped in my interest in the occult and  Egyptology; the eye of Horus, and, add a girl I was in love with.” 
Drew Jarvey added, “Loving Black Rose; like a heavy, early Elvis Costello.”

Myself, Unholy Jane is one of the most extraordinary songs I’ve reviewed and a regular listen! The Songwriting, Vocal and Guitar are a full court shot, nuttin but net! 

“Black Rose,” is another track of genius, within an Album that needs to be heard, Bad Monkey.

His Songwriting, Voice and Instruments are  Grunge only~ oldschool, super cool and simply best in craft. He is able to plate his seasoned sounds on a table reserved now, while refusing to follow the leader. Grunge always drives off road, following the the most gnarly Alternative Rockers!

Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Grunge Norris – Unholy Jane + Black Rose (Review):
the songs can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 21.10. – 25.10.2020

RED IRIS – STAY (Review)

Red Iris - Stay (Review)
Red Iris – Stay, here you can listen to it in Spotify!

Red Iris – Stay (Lyric Version)  

Red Iris – Stay (Review by Brecon Indie Rev.) hit Social Media, WW Radio and streams, Rocked n Loaded and has been firing since! In September, I did a profile on this down South, hotter than boiling Rock Band; some of which you may enjoy after the Review.

“Stay” is a song that is  best inhaled and held in a while.

“Stay” my favorite song, thus far and is in consideration for a nomination in the Grammy Awards.     

The Songwriting is a Team effort and is life experience based.

Red Iris – Stay is relatable and written to impact those who have suffered loss or pending so, with a hopeful edge. The tune is beautifully sad and quite compelling. The delivery is super fuel to the Lyrics. Emily Glazener is the best Ballad Rocker I’ve heard, and I’ve Reviewed top tier. She effortlessly airs out a voice that enhances lived Lyrics and hems up with the Band remarkably well.Her personal commitment to the Lyrics is obvious. 

A champion within Rock

She is a high pitcher who doesn’t waver. Emily runs a broad 2nd Soprano range and owns a beautiful vibrato. She can drop holla at pivitol places! The Band delivers “Stay” in a wonderfully grounded and tempered manner, allowing the Lyrics and Vocal to be up top. This tune is a champion within Rock. 

Profile of Red Iris

I’ve learned so much about each of the Band Members, I feel as though I know them. The information I gathered reveals the reasons the Band has such a seasoned Rock sound. Red Iris hit the stages in 2017. 2018 saw their first Album “MI15” and it is a true sensation; full up, with Classic and Hard Rock tunes that are flipped up to land on the plates for contemporary tastes. 

The second Album

The second Album is in development, dropping one single at a time. Each release sees a notably grand response from the Indie World and the fans keep comin’!  Red Iris are Stage Masters; confident, fan connected with  guaranteed bad ass delivery. 

The band members

The guitarists; Lead (Zeek Hernandez), Bass (Oscar Gonzalez) and Rhythm(Brock Wilson), provide a steady  supply of Gilmore level sound. 
The Drummer, Jj Herra, is a TKO and provides such a solid base sound and rhythm to the Music.
Contact Red Iris here in Twitter: @Red_Iris_Music

Inspirations from the 70s

I now know the Band takes inspiration from 70s Bands,  Musicians and / or family members; which accounts for the exceptionally richly layered, real and passionate sound they deliver. Influences range from Family to ZZ Top, the KISS era, Ace Frehely; and many more.
What I have seen of this Band on Live Videos; they are, again, made for stage and tear it up.
The Band is fan beloved and very engaged with the audience. Red Iris is the Band to watch!

Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Red Iris – Stay (Review):
the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 14.10. – 18.10.2020


Ficction Syxx - Bleed for the truth Review
Listen to Fiction Syxx – Bleed for the Truth on Spotify!

Fiction Syxx – Bleed for the Truth

Fiction Syxx – (Review by Brecon Indie Reviews). Up for Grammy consideration is this top level song withinone of the BEST Videos I’ve seen in Rock. The Lyrics delivered by this seasoned Band dime out a monstrous amount of skill and with crushing sound. Fiction Syxx – is SICK on a stick!

An abyssal theme

An abyssal theme insightfully includes some aspects of light that has to desperately peep through a dirty screen to be felt. This theme earns the tag of truth; based upon the experiences of The Writer who has lived it, felt it and can’t let it l go. Guess what? We get this back and get it hard! The Vocals reek with the best mixes that blend Hardcore Rock, Progressive Rock and old-school Hard Core Rock/Metal. Following this spurious tag;  Vocals are rich with tone and ably project a dominant force, a top the best in pungent, Hard as hell Rock.

You love guitars?

If you are a Guitar lova, come get your freak on here! This is a Great Band that doesn’t follow the trail of, ” Let’s do it again”. Rockers who go willingly over the cliff of Thrash, wiping out Lyrics and Vocals and leaving  listeners in a permanent hangover after a bad night. (I hate that late 80s like crap.) These guys, contrarily, layout Music as bad asses with no reins and it’s all real, it’s them and we can toke it hard and inhale it all! If you “Like it rough”, then Fiction Syxx is for you! This creative, wild-ass video provides lyrics on screen that allows the visitor to experience each aspect of this killer production. ALL at once! Wanna a Rock buzz from the ultimate, “S- for sick trifecta,” of Rock? Here it be: Song, Sound, Screen thrives here, #NEXT #LEVEL
Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

Where to listen to

To this Fiction Syxx (Review) – Bleed for the Truth: the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 14.10. – 18.10.2020. I hope you enjoy Fiction Syxx – Bleed for the Truth!

About Fiction Syxx

Fiction Syxx is the brain child of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Mark Allen Lanoue. But like all ideas, including musical ones, it is not just about the writing; it is about the delivery. So, after writing the first song called “Welcome to my Nightmare” for this new musical journey, Mark started talking with friend and multi-talented musician/songwriter/producer, JK Northrup (KING KOBRA, XYZ) about starting a project that would be framed around a core of members.

The Musicians

Fiction Syxx is: Mark Allen Lanoue – Lead Vocals & Guitar JK Northrup – Guitar, B. Vocals & Production Rory Faciane – Drums Larry Hart – Bass Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Fiction Syxx has 2 releases 2017 debut “TALL DARK SECRETS” and 2019 “THE ALTERNATE ME” and is working on the 3rd, due out early 2021.
Our single ‘BLEED FOR THE TRUTH’ is being considered for the Grammys. All 3 albums were Produced, Mixed & Mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio, Carmichael CA, USA.

Here you have the link to this great song on SPOTIFY!

Andante Vivace – BreconIReviews Consulting Team

Andante Vivace Review
Andante Vivace taken from the Album Jørg – Torn. Buy the album HERE or HERE!

Brecon Indie Review Consultant Team

Andante Vivace in strict music terminology means ‘At a slow walking pace and very fast’. Composers have used this technique to highlight instrumentalists and singers throughout the centuries. During the Renaissance Period, and even more during the Baroque Period, composers themselves were often the soloists – they had to be brilliant as they had limited opportunities of making a living.

Baroque Influences

If they were very lucky, they were employed by the church (e.g. J. S. Bach) or received royal patronage (e.g. Handel) and in opera houses. These appeared throughout Europe, particularly in Italy. In reality, the composer/instrumentalists/singers (especially those at the top end) had to be world class in their chosen field to achieve employment. Therefore, pieces of music were written to highlight these skills; hence, the instruction Andante Vivace.

Andante & Vivace

The Andante would be the accompaniment, orchestra and/or harpsichord during the Renaissance and Baroque Periods, with the piano appearing at the latter stages of the Baroque Period and the start of the Classical Period. Often the accompaniment would be slow, achieved by the harpsichord playing rapid arpeggio structures (sustain arrived later with the piano) or with block chords, as in hymn writing. The Vivace basically allows the soloist to play on top of the accompaniment, often as fast as they could and very often ignoring what the composer wrote by adding their own interpretation.

Jørg Klein has clearly looked at the Italian masters of the Baroque Period – Corelli, Scarlatti, Torelli, Vivaldi – for a lot of his inspiration, especially their violin works which have free-flowing rhythmic and melodic patterns. However, these patterns also appear in the stricter works of the Northern European composers – Buxtehude, Purcell and J.S. Bach. Their organ works show the same patterns used by Jorg Klein in his music, who has clearly embraced the different types of music throughout history. His stunning guitar work is worthy of any of these composers.

The Romantic Period: Influence of Spain and Germany

A further example of Klein’s embracement of musical history can be seen in his use of orchestral accompaniment, which he achieves electronically. This comes straight out of the Romantic Period, by which time composers were using the entire orchestra as the soloist, very often with large choirs, as in the works of Mahler and Wolf and in Beethoven’s Choral Symphony. Klein includes a deep choral feature which provides a dramatic backdrop to his soaring guitar and orchestral rhythms. These rhythms are associated with Spanish Romanticism or in works associated with Spain, such as Bizet’s opera, Carmen. All of this provides a magnificent prelude to the rest of an equally superb album.

Andante Vivace BreconIReview: Summing Up

If you like virtuosity that touches various music genres, then Jorg Klein paints a wonderful picture. This track provides it in abundance. It is a superb introduction to his music, and perhaps also to the music that so obviously influences him.
Written by Brecon Indie Review Consultant Team

Here are some more thoughts to the Album Jørg – Torn taken from the Shop.

Torn – Reviews

Das Album “Jørg – Torn” ist ja bekanntlich auf der Shopseite des Labels “Dr John’s Surgery Records” zum Verkauf bereitgestellt. Also im Shop ““, der auch eine Review-Funktion bereitstellt. Dort habe ich die folgenden Reviews zu meinem Album gefunden:

Ciorgan Laurentiu – 25th September 2020

“I think music is the greatest art form that exists, and I think people listen to music for different reasons, and it serves different purposes. The best songs are the ones that make you feel something” said Eddie Vedder. With that quote in mind Torn is definitely a journey you must take, just close your eyes and feel it, as you travel between the notes on the internal landscapes created by this music. Without many words written I’m letting Jørg speak to you through his music and be your guide in this adventure.

Tony Rampling – 25th September 2020

Musical genius!! The combination of classic, rock, jazz and blues is incredible. This is a joy to behold indeed!!
Jørg just keeps re-inventing himself, his talents are vast and he has so many styles to draw from that you can only look forward to everything he releases. To see him live is a truly amazing experience, for me this is his best album (so far) and I cannot wait to see it performed live!! Congratulations!!

Brian – 25th September 2020

I heard some of these tracks on a radio station called pluto radio. This is a wild great tone tech guitar player. Fantastic songs. Perfect for me cuz I like to rock when I work out. Definitely 5 stars

Mary Downs – 25th September 2020

This music is brilliant folks take a listen… so very tastefully done… a great artist I recommend that you take a listen

Benny – 25th September 2020

This is fantastic Super charged Guitar Playing. I heard him on pluto Radio. Great

Jay Pillai – Lazie J – 26th September 2020

Exquisite works… Starting from the hard-hitting ‘Welcome’ to the storytelling in Adante Lugubre to the upbeat DNA which happens to be one of my fav in this album and he fast-paced ‘Hail to Glory’ and all the other songs Jorg keeps us entertained and in fact a bit on the edge. His use of guitar harmonies are brilliant so are the Arabic scales used. If you want to hear nice clean hard rock guitars listen to this and you will love to own them… Congrats Jorg

Steve – 27th September 2020

After Jørg’s previous album Fight for the kingdom. I wondered what his next project would be and if he could match that same quality and production. Well it was no surprise because he not only did that he beat it hands down musically and sonically and the production was as always 1st class tight and well engineered by Jørg as I know he always wants the best.
Jørg’s imagination and visionary musical ideas come to life and he takes you again on a most magnificent journey into your mind and senses.
This is most definitely an album you must buy for your classic rock collection.

Miao – 27th September 2020

I found this album by mistake while I was on EEZY2.
And I listened to it and I thought you know what this is some seriously good music.
Surprisingly this is not the music I would normally listen to, but on this occasion I was blow away.
This is the first time I have listened to jørg’s music and now he has a new fan and follower.

Rick Bouwman / MARTYR – 30th September 2020

What is this? Power Metal, Classical Metal, Rock, Prog? Who cares what we call it, when the music is so well performed with taste and love. It has it all. Blown away by the compositions and the instrumental, especially the guitar, techniques and control.
Great album Jorg! Keep going!

ALBUM hier bei EEZY2.CO.UK kaufen
hier in meinem JørgShop kaufen


JØRG - TORN Web Title

Das Album JØRG – TORN; endlich ist es soweit! Mit dem neuen Album vereinen sich für mich meine Ursprünge, nämlich die Rockgitarre und meine Liebe zur Klassik. Auf den ersten Blick sind das Elemente, die sich nicht so leicht vereinigen lassen. Viele meiner Musikerkollegen haben natürlich “Rock meets Classic” publiziert, aber für gewöhnlich werden dabei Orchestersätze in Rocksongs integriert. Was ja auch toll klingt!
Wenn Du NICHT alles lesen möchtest: Hier ist der Link zu meinem Shop!


Aber das war mir immer zu unsauber, zu unrein. Schon vor langer Zeit hatte ich das Bestreben, meinen Hörern und auch Schülern die klassische Seite der Musik näherzubringen. Und so erwarb ich vor vielen Jahren Orchestersamples für die Software “Gigastudio”, welches dann aber leider von der Firma TASCAM eingestellt wurde. Auch hatte ich nie wirklich die Gelegenheit, Musik mit Orchester zu komponieren. Jetzt habe ich die technischen Möglichkeiten, davon Gebrauch zu machen und konnte das im Album JØRG – TORN nun auch realisieren!


TORN – der name des Albums soll meine Zerrissenheit mit den unterschiedlichen Musikstilen symbolisieren. Mein rumänischer Freund Laurentiu Ciorgan, mit dem ich seit meinen Auftritten in Rumänien in den letzten Jahren immer in Kontakt geblieben bin erschuf ein Cover Design, das in meinen Augen alles visualisiert, was ich in JØRG – TORN mit meiner Musik aussagen wollte. Die romantische Seite (die Geige auf dem roten Samtstoff), die Notenpartitur auf Pergament als Zeichen für die klassischen, sehr alten Elemente für den Orchestersatz, die brennende Gitarre in dem “Guitar Pick” steht für die Leidenschaft und Virtuosität für den Rock und letzlich auch mein Name mit dem Zylinder, welcher zu meinem Markenzeichen geworden ist. An dieser Stelle: Laurentiu, vielen vielen Dank dafür!


Das Album JØRG – TORN steht dabei auch für “als Zeichen der Zeit herausgerissen aus der Welt der Barockmusik”. Für mich lagen die Ursprünge der E-Gitarrenmusik schon immer bei J. S. Bach oder auch Domenico Scarlatti. Prachtvolle Kunst mit vielen Schnörkeln und kleinen, goldenen Engeln – visualisiert durch die Meister Michelangelo oder auch Rubens. Und so entstand ein Album, das sowohl fünf klassische Orchesterstücke mit der E-Gitarre als integriertes Instrument als auch sechs Rock-Instrumentals enthält. Für mein Empfinden bietet JØRG – TORN perfekte Abwechslung beim Hören. Auch habe ich sehr gerne die Möglichkeit genutzt, die Melodielinien in “beiden Welten” abzubilden.

Klick auf das Bild führt zum Shop von Surgery Records – zum Reinhören oder Kaufen.

Die Titel des Album JØRG – TORN

1.) Andante Vivace

Lebendigkeit, Spielfreude, vielleicht auch ein bisschen “Können demonstrieren” im Sinne einer Toccata. Die Orchesterstimmen spielen dabei vorab schon das Thema aus dem nächsten Stück “Welcome”.

2.) Welcome

Eine Musik, die mich schon eine Weile begleitet. Mit den Worten “Welcome to my World” lade ich den Zuhörer ein, mir in meine ganz eigene Welt der Musik zu folgen. Dabei kommen auch hier wieder – typisch Jørg – unterschiedliche Elemente aus Rock, Metal und Gitarrentechnik zum Einsatz. Die synthesizerähnlichen Sounds erzeuge ich mit einem Digitech Whammy IV.

3.) Andante Lugubre

Lugubre – düster, traurig. Dieses Stück beginnt mit pathetischen Quinten um in der Mitte des Stückes in eine melancholische Stimmung á la “Concierto de Aranjuez” umzuschwenken. Auf die J. S. Bach typischen Parts konnte ich dabei nicht verzichten.

4.) D.N.A.

Wie die Helix einer D.N.A. rankt sich die Harmonik um sich selbst – einmal quer durch den Quintenzirkel. So wie einst Meister J. S. Bach seine “Badinerie in F” mehrfach unmerklich durch diverse Tonarten führte, wollte ich beweisen daß dies auch in moderner Rockmusik möglich ist. Um nicht zu ernst zu bleiben, fügte ich im letzen Drittel den süßen Part mit dem Digitech Whammy IV ein.

5.) Rondo

Ein Rundtanz aus dem Barock. Mit dem ich auf “Hail to the Glory!” zusteuere. Denn die Hauptlinien des Orchesters ist melodisch identisch mit der Gitarrenmelodie des nächsten Stückes. Die springlebendige Freude, die Natur, die Unbeschwertheit wird etwa in der Mitte durch düstere Gedanken beruhigt, um dann wieder Fahrt aufzunehmen.

6.) Hail to the Glory!

Klassischer Powermetal im Sinne von “Aeternom – Fight for the Kingdom!“. Mit allen Elementen, die meiner Meinung nach im deutschen Powermetal enthalten sein müssen. Rapides Tempo, einfache mehrstimmige Melodien in Vierteln und Achteln – umspielt von Bass und Begleitgitarren in gemuteten Sechzehnteln. Hat Spaß gemacht. Dieser Titel ist “Dr. John” gewidmed.

7.) LeeLa

Das exakte Gegenteil zum vorangehenden Stück. Die Begleitband bewegt hauptsächlich sich in ruhiger, monotoner Diatonik um der Leadgitarre die Freiheit zur Improvisation zu geben. Viele der Phrasierungen des freien Teils in der Mitte enthalten dabei schnelle Achtel Sextolen und auch typische Blueslicks. Die liebe ich halt einfach 🙂

8.) Overture

Mit dieser Overtüre leite ich in die traurige Stimmung von EO über. Am Ende beginnt bereits die Rhythmik von EO.

9.) EO

Ein Requiem an einen Freund aus dem Tierreich, einen Beo, der seinen Lebensabend bei mir verbringen durfte und nach vielen Jahren in meinen Armen starb. Beim Spielen des Stückes stelle ich mir immer die Freiheit vor, wie ein Vogel in der Luft zu schweben. Ohne Limits, ohne Grenzen, ohne Sorgen. Im Solopart kann man sogar sein typisches tiefes “eeo” heraushören …

10.) Finale

Wie das Wort schon sagt – das Finale des Albums. Ich wollte das Album so schließen, wie ich es begonnen hatte. Quinten, Quarten, Barockelemente … und meiner Meinung nach um ca. 2:00 Minuten der schönste Harmoniepart des ganzen Albums.

11.) Six Tears

Diesen Titel habe ich vor über 25 Jahren in einem Tonstudio in Ingolstadt aufgenommen. Six Tears ist mein Beweis, daß eine E-Gitarre nicht nur tragisch klingen kann, sondern auch bittere Tränen weint. Ich habe mich bewusst entschlossen, den Song nicht neu zu recorden sondern ihn so zu lassen, wie er vor vielen Jahren entstand. Denn er ist perfekt, so wie er ist.
Die verwendeten Gitarren aus diesem Stück spiele ich noch heute 🙂

Zu guter Letzt

Die Leadgitarren in “Welcome” und “D.N.A.” sind analog über Laney-Röhrenamps aufgenommen, bei einigen anderen Gitarrentracks auf JØRG – TORN kamen die virtuellen Amps von NEMBRINI zum Einsatz. Davor habe ich bereits viele der auf dem Markt erhältlichen virtuellen Amps ausprobiert und sofort wieder gelöscht. Die Amps von NEMBRINI AUDIO haben mich in eine neue Dimension geführt. Danke dafür an Igor Nembrini!

Ich wünsche Dir beim Hören vom Album JØRG – TORN viel Freude, und daß Du Dich von mir durch all die unterschiedlichen Emotionen, Stilrichtungen und Harmonien führen lassen kannst. Es ist Zuhör-Musik, für Partypeople absolut ungeeignet! Vielleicht findest Du ja durch meine Songs einen neuen Zugang zur Musik oder gar zur Gitarre. Vielleicht ja sogar zu mir in den Online-Gitarrenunterricht. Das würde ich mir wünschen.

Das Album läuft unter dem Label SURGERY RECORDS und ist weltweit bei allen Streamingdiensten und Online Musik Shops verfügbar. Du kannst gern auch HIER IN MEINEM SHOP und auch hier im Shop von Surgery Records kaufen.

Jörg Klein, September 2020

Jørg - Torn mp3 download

Jørg’s Broadcastle auf PlutoRadio

Jørg's Broadcastle auf PlutoRadio

“Jørg’s Broadcastle auf PlutoRadio” – und wie es dazu kam;
Es war ein ganz normaler Freitagabend im Jahr 1867, als ich mich ankleidete um auf eine dieser üblichen High-Society-Parties zu gehen, die üblicherweise jedes Wochenende stattfanden. Doch heute sollte etwas unvorhergesehenes geschehen. Beim letzten Kontrollblick in den großen Spiegel in meinem Ankleidezimmer hörte ich plötzlich eine Stimme aus dem Nichts – und diese Stimme kannte meinen Namen!

Die Stimme aus dem Nichts

“Joooorg”, so hörte ich, “Joooorg, I need you here!” schallte die Stimme aus dem Nichts. “Wer ist da?” fragte ich. Die Stimme aus dem Nichts antwortete “I’m Lee Crisman from PlutoRadio – I have a mission for you, my friend!”. Die Stimme verlangte, ich solle einen Schritt nach vorne tun und in den Spiegel schreiten. In den Spiegel! Womöglich nach Pluto?

Doch die Stimme meinte das ernst. Und ich überwand mich, tat den Schritt in den Spiegel – und fand mich in einem bunt wirbelnden Tunnel wieder, der mich durch den Weltraum beförderte.

So beginnt die große Geschichte

So beginnt die große Geschichte. Wie ich zu kam, und dort in “Jørg’s Broadcastle auf PlutoRadio” dauerhaft einzog. Wie ich lernte “Soul Saving Sonics” per Radio auf die Erde zu senden und noch so einiges mehr. Wie ich lernte, elektrische Gitarre zu spielen. Und wie ich zu dem Titel “Sir Jørg, Knight of the intergalactic vibe” kam.

Jørg's Broadcastle auf PlutoRadio

Die volle Wahrheit erfährst Du in meinem einstündigen Hörspiel, das auf ausgestrahlt wird. Vom 26. – 28.07.2020 in einer Rotation alle 3 Stunden, danach in längeren Abständen.

Und zwar HIER – AUF PLUTORADIO in the great desert of America!

Sir Jørg sagt dazu

Tatsächlich ist “Jørg’s Broadcastle auf PlutoRadio” das erste Hörspiel, das ich je produziert habe. Mit der Stimme von Lee Crisman, dem Starmoderator und Mitbegründer von PlutoRadio. Der Sender ist in der Nähe von Los Angeles beheimatet, die selbstgewählte Aufgabe lautet “wir spielen die Musik, die es verdient, gehört werden”. So wie in allen anderen Sendungen kommen auch in meiner Sendung ausschließlich “independent” Künstler zu Gehör. Du wirst erstaunt sein, welche musikalische Qualität gerade unbekannte Künstler aus allen Teilen der Welt vorweisen können!

Dabei darf es auch gerne mal ein wenig “schräger” zugehen, denn “normale” Musik können unsere Hörer auch auf anderen Sendern oder in einer meiner Sendungen “Jørgs World” hören. Das ist auch beabsichtigt – und es ist gut so.