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The Apostles – By: Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood
This cool information is straight from the Band.

Progressive Rock Tunes
The Band is called Apostles and they’re from Wigan, between Manchester & Liverpool, UK. Their genre combines past and present sounds in order to produce progressive rock tunes.

Emotion of 2020
Their debut single is called Waste a Moment and it’s about making the most out of life and enjoying yourself.  It was written during the COVID-19 Pandemic and it intended to capture the emotion of 2020.

The Band
They’ve recently released an EP called Abide but “Waste a Moment” wasn’t included.
Singer – George (Le Tig)
​Rhythm Guitarist – Robbie
D​​Bass – Ian Morris
Drums – James (Jammer)
​Lead Guitarist – Tom”Viva La Revolution , Content with Success”

John Lennon Relative
Their musical influences include The Strokes, Tame Impala, Fleetwood Mac, Red Hot Chlli Peppers. Rob the rhythm guitarist is a distant relation of John Lennon from the Beatles.

Found in Pub
Off the stage, they can be found in the local pub buying/selling tubs of tartan paint.  If they’re not in the pub they will keeping a close eye on the football scores every weekend.
A great self descriptor, “Creatively composed with a serving of self-belief and talented stage presence.”

Review by Drew Jarvis of Delerium Trees

Apostles – Waste A Moment

The popular music world has long needed someone or group to rival Lloyd Cole and the Commotions or China Crisis for angst and storytelling in a song, it looks like the wait might be over.

Waste A Moment is a joyful song, a happy song with superb vocals from George Lyons, who knows how to create a singalong effect with his ‘oh a oh oh ohhhhhhhhh’. Absolutely perfect for fans to join in with at gigs. Wigan is incredibly lucky to have such a band in its midst.

Behind the vocals is a band who are clearly in top form. Intricate guitar rhythms, driving bass line and punchy drums add to the song’s happiness. Nice to hear some keyboards in the background giving the song some width, something that makes the various parts sound clearer.

There are huge influences here and being Scottish I can hear traces of The Big Dish, Tran Can Sinatra’s, Danny Wilson, Kevin McDermott Orchestra, all of whom sang and played about happier times in some of their music, they had wonderful musicianship and the ability to put on a great show. With a 2020s vibe Apostles show the same attributes in abundance.

I would go many a mile to see Apostles play live, there is a camaraderie in their music, a sense of well-being, they obviously enjoy making music together and this shows in their musical output. Waste A Moment is the perfect tonic for these times, shut your eyes imagine a live performance!!
Drew Jarvie -The Delerium Trees – AMJ Music

Review by Mary Wood, Brecon Indie Reviews Cons. Team

This Band is just f’in fresh and beyond amazing! 
A real standout, building in the Indie World! Think I shall knight them as one of my  few, “Bands to watch!”. The Apostles drop a tune, “Waste the Moment,” that I almost immediately tagged a next level, skilled up hit! They hold a very new sound, with old school threads, that is brilliantly polished. Each component of this Song is wonderfully discernible, too rare in Rock today. The blend of the components is  flawless and dynamic. 

Bands this elite make a smack of a tune almost sound easy. I think, it is very complex, requiring a great deal of attention to detail. Delivery perfecto makes the former seem so and latter true! I hear oldschool and stand alone sounds of RocknRoll with a jumping pace and an impeccably scored rhythm. 

I pick up a great range of 70s, 80s, 2k variations of Rock. I hear some vocal turns a like the 2005ish Pat Moynihan, Lead of Train. When the Song introduced, it was a flashback, for me, to The Monkees and went Apostle. The influences are only subjective glitter and others shall hear more and wonder what in the hell I was. That’s great Music mark! These dudes absolutely own their own sound. The Songwriting, Lyrics are well written, message driven and styled up from the delivery of a Lead Vocal who is sublimely smooth and able to Rock it.The Band is great, Drums and Bass join up as the road upon which the rest of the Members drive their sounds. This is a great, marketable tune by a Band who are incredibly good and entertaining! Drew Jarvie of Delerium Trees has written an incredible Review, a Musician’s view,  who owns more knowledge of Music than anyone I know. @BreconIReviews Maryxxxx

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

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