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Interview, Profile:
The Superlatives @TheSuperlatives by: Mary Wood, Brecon Indie Reviews                             Location: Leeks UK 
Genre: Three piece Rock Band

Song Reviews  

Song: “SONDER”
Album: The Superlatives available on Spotify
By: Brecon Indie Reviews, Mary Wood and Indie Consultant Team Members:                                 Drew Jarvie and Dirk Prisby of Rubber Clown Car 

Enjoy Interview answers, straight from the Band: 
Together, in one form or another for 16 years, here are our Members: Charlie Noble sings and plays Guitar, Jamie Godley sings and plays the Drums and Tom Gausden, who plays Bass. 

About “SONDER”
“SONDER,” has been kicking around for a while. Tom was doing his best to play the highest notes he could on a Bass, whilst ripping off a song Charlie wrote, “How Long.” It’s got a bit of a late 90s feel to it.                                                    

Band in one sentence: 
Loud three piece from Leeds, creating fast-paced, upbeat Indie songs. Our influences are heavily worn on our sleeves, with a nod to 60’s mod, 70’s British punk,  80’s Manchester, 90’s Britpop and early noughties Indie.  Some Alternative American music creeps into the mix every now and again. 

Band stands out 
The Band stands out with real passion and enthusiasm associated with everything we do – when it comes to playing live in particular, we’re unparalleled in energy and volume! 

Our Songwriting process
Either Tom or Charlie will come in with a riff or an idea, then run it past Jamie who will either veto it or embrace it, and then we’ll jam it out for hour after hour after hour before it forms something like a song. Charlie then takes it away to add vocals and we’re done. Final touch is to play it live and see how it goes down before we class it as finished.

Odd Band occurrence
Playing to a field of soldiers in Germany – and being paid to do it! An amazing opportunity for us and an amazing experience. 

Song Reviews: 
Drew Jarvie, Delerium Trees

Kasabian and Oasis
The Superlatives are a Band from Leeds who have been influenced, in my opinion, by some of England’s biggest guitar bands of the nineties, Kasabian and Oasis readily spring to mind. Like these bands at their best The Superlatives, “SONDER,” is a great song, melodic and memorable.

Various Rhythms
Starting with a drum fill the song immediately brings in a pedal point bass (a repeated note played over and over) which allows rhythm and lead guitars to play various rhythms, sometimes on-beat, sometimes syncopated. Meanwhile, like Peter Hook of New Order, the bassist plays a counterpoint to the vocal line. All of which creates an atmosphere of space which, in turn lets the vocal shine through.                                                                                                         

Most iconic Singers 
The vocal line is brilliantly delivered and has been clearly influenced by some of the most iconic singers in recent years. ‘C’mon take my side, I’ll be yours for life’ is sung in a style reminiscent of Tom Meighan (formerly of Kasabian), a slight change sees the vocal line delivered in a Liam Gallagher snarl.

Must See Live
As the song climaxes, a highly clear and melodic guitar takes centre stage, bringing the song to its end. Good to hear no fade has been used.Clearly, The Superlatives are going places and their live shows, judging by this song, a must see. Their standards are set high, big festivals must surely beckon.

Review by: Mary Wood @BreconIReviews

Spell that binds 
The Superlatives live up in old school R&R and great Rock, with influences from the 70s-90s, both Brit and American. The Band, with a Lead Vocal who has a voice made for the sound spread, helps wipe this song clean! The Guitars cast the spell that binds, aside kick ass Drums that overload the entertainment plate with, “SONDER.” 

Lyrics Gleem 
The Lead Vocal has what would be called in speech, extraordinary eloquence. This smooth and passionate register swimmer, is simply F’in elite and next level. He spills skills and thrills up the tune for maximum output. The Songwriting is very imaginative and clever. This seasoned Band owns a pumping pace rolled up in rhythmic perfection and the Lyrics smack!

Contact High
The Guitar Riffs greatly enhance the entertainment and give any true Rock fan a contact high. Again, the Drummer is excellent; owning a naturally rhythmic and confident presence that provides the Band a solid road upon which to drive. The Guitars and Drums are both contrarily raucous and polished; it works wonderfully. These guys share a rare Rock space; air expels over the moon. 

Comments from: Dirk Prisby Rubber Clown Car

“SONDER,” hits the groove hard. Sounding like a heavier version of Oasis, (and that’s a compliment!), the tune cruises along on a combination riff of heavy guitar and a chiming one answering it. Great vocals top this one off making it a great listen. More SONDER please! This, a great place to end.                                                                  

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

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