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Genre:    Alternative Rock/Melodic Rock
Location: Slovenia
Song: “Everyday I See You”
Band Members: Maggio Rivers (lead vocals), Jeff Jefferson (bass, backing vocals), Simon Tomazin (drums, backing vocals), David Bibic (lead guitar, backing vocals)
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Drew Jarvie Delerium Trees • Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse • Emily Glazener of Red Iris 
Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood @BreconIReviews

This information was gathered from Ryvertone and is in large part their words. The Band name, Ryvertone, has no real meaning behind it. It was nicked from a computer game map called, “Riverton Castle.”

The Song

The song comes from an upcoming debut album, which is untitled for now. Maggio wrote the song about his ex-girlfriend, who cheated on him. The song explains that breakups or losing someone may be hard, but you should never give up and pick yourself up. With a little help from your friends 🙂

The Songwriting 

There’s no real recipe for the Songwriting. Ideas come spontaneously.  “We might read the newspaper and see a headline and be like: “Hey, that’s a great song title” and start working on it. Or there comes the melody in your head when you are walking down the street and you start recording it and humming into the phone and people think you’re a bit nuts!” 

Band Influences 

Bon Jovi, U2, Queen, H.E.A.T, Gotthard and many more. When asked which Bands they like they answered, -H.E.A.T, Gotthard, Sunrise Avenue. These hold great melodies, great lyrics; pure poetry and not some bullsh*t!

Best Ever

The Band tags Aerosmith as the best Band ever, particularly because they are still playing. When asked to describe themselves live, they see themselves as a sweaty energetic bomb


Ryvertone – Every Day I See You By: Drew Jarvie 

It is always good to hear songs driven by acoustic guitars and a fine clear vocal, Rivertone provide this in ample supply. Thankfully, music like this is on the up, i.e., it encourages youngsters to pick a real instrument, being driven on by the likes of Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi.

A simple chordal arrangement on acoustic guitar allows the vocal to express nicely on top, a voice full of yearning and loss, of words not said. Half-way through the verse the bass line drops in which leads nicely to chorus where the drums enter.

The shortened third verse has a nice surprise as bass and drums stay silent as the acoustic guitar continues, providing accompaniment to the vocal.

Towards the end the piano provides a nice counterpoint to the melody bringing the song to a close.

Ryvertone, are following a well-trodden path with the subject matter in Every Day I See You. It is a fine introduction to their music, hopefully an introduction to grittier subjects.

Fine song!

Drew Jarvie 2020.

Emily Glazener of Red Iris

Everyday I See You” has a solid vocal filled with want and need. I enjoy the simplicity of the video with the girl whom the singer says “Everyday I see you walking there, trying to forget but still I care”. You undoubtedly know she is out of reach. Which leads to the emotion in the song. This song of unspoken love has a great hook in the chorus and is an easy listen with a great groove. 

Jack Baldwin Wildhorse 

Listening to this song, the first thing I thought was wow! What a voice this guy has! The raspiness and tone sound nothing quite like anyone else and really helps to lift the emotional lyrics to a level of raw passion which is just incredible to listen to. I loved the acoustic guitars, they added a really soft touch to the song, keeping the focus on the lyrics and voice. The drums are stomping, driving the song along and providing a stable back bone for the gentle bass and soothing guitar tones. Also that chorus is so damn catchy! Really great song

Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood

I listen to great Indie Music daily. This song is so clean, crisp and  melodically enthralling it stunned me. The Vocal is top level. As he builds, so do his register and pitch variations and marvelously so. 

For example singing, “I want you to know I’ll never stop lovin,” he catches the sound that evokes the gut crunch that did 1970s, Blue Eyed Soul; the Music that hurt so good. 

This Lead Vocal is both committed to and living the the Lyrics, with a great deal of passion. The increase in Vocal power during the first Chorus and forward is well and skillfully matched by a Band that rather leans late 70s/80s, US Progressive Rock(Foreigner, Boston,) and late 80s/90s Pop/Rock.

This track is grounded by a solid, confident Band with Members who mesh really well.  The Drums are bitchin and a grounding host, in tandem with exceedingly cool Guitars that are played by very talented masters.

The choice to use an Acoustic Guitar is bodacious and well done and wonderful  on Video, making a great connect with the raw emotion.

The Bass and Band Guitars are mates, drive the song well and provide a perfect ride to the Vocal. The Lyrics are relatable and creative and very well written. This song is incredibly marketable and the video clever and affecting, with intense attention to detail. 

The Video concludes with friends hookin up to play Music, the dudes representing the best and most dependable relationships in life. This Band is going to develop a lot of street cred with this song; they surely have with me!

Brecon Indie Reviews 



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