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Band:The Incurables Detroit defined,
Song:  “Funhouse”
Album: EP Muskrat Love 
Profile by: Brecon Indie Reviews
Song Reviews: Mary Wood and Indie Consultants: 

Dirk Prisby Rubber Clown Car and Jack Baldwin Wildhorse

The Incurables D are a Rock Band from Western Michigan USA, just outside of Detroit.They seem like a Biker Gang with no bits in their mouths, awesome! The Gang: Pat “The Brain” Kelly – Guitars,Vox.  Ray “Captain Thunder” Lawson – Bass,Vox. Darrin “Major BackBeat” Lawson – Drums,Vox. & Dennis “Dr. Rhythm” Pepperack – Guitar

Entire Band Input

They are about the map genre tagged, Grunge, Punk, R&R, Hard Rock and on. I find them as simply a genre of eclectic gatherings from 60s-80s Rock influences, carried with them and developed into a mad-skilled Band that shouldn’t and doesn’t care to be labeled. Apparently the dime in Detroit can drop late, as did these Incurables, with interview questions arriving late last night. To their credit, they wanted the entire Band providing input.Based upon the  enormously interesting and old school hilarity the Band provided, I forgive them for being tardy to the party and shall get in as much as possible. 

Drunken Practice

A peerer into the window of one of their practices may see dudes drinking inordinate amounts of Beer and making up stupid songs. Of course, they must put in some wide-open, skilled-up practice in order to lay track as insanely as they do.Yes, between games of quarters the invasion of their great influences from the 60s-80s float up in the practice crib; Queen, Cheap Trick, The Beatles, The Ramones…

International Concerts

Were the same voyeur to have checked out one of their LIVE Shows; 
the Band, true to form, he would have observed Rockers playing with Christmas Trees  and lights on stage, the latter shocking up one of them into a bowed up mess. This Band Concerts Internationally and has a history of playing with big time Bands and Rockers. They love International gigs and I am confident they party not??? 

Best Band Descriptor 

A Band like this, I’m jumping to the Music and Reviews. First, I must share the best and most accurate Band descriptor I’ve ever gotten: “A group of best friends having the time of their life creating a sound that is a mix of kittens purring on an angel’s lap and nitroglycerin being pumped into a woodchipper.” Dang!

Song Reviews: “The Funhouse” Mary Wood, @BreconIReviews

The entry is rather Orchestral within an electric socket and well sets the table for unpredictable turns and unimaginable sounds. This is Next Level, old school haunted Songwriting, perfect to the song tag… “Move it to the left and you slide to the right, it’s time to take a trip inside your miiiiiiiind.” 

Hotel California

“Where nothing is real, it’s all make believe, you can try to run but you can never leave.”Dudes got some Eagles, “Hotel California,” going on and I doubt they’ve really thought about it! Like The Eagles within Hotel California, the Songwriting is so imaginative that the chorus may end up being one that people sing out, even with a peripheral association, 10 years from now! 

Transcendent Creativity

This Band owns this insane Songwriting and combines it with transcendent levels of creativity.  The Guitars have a demanding presence that hold down a blissfully unusual song body and chorus, yet invade with freak Guitar whiffs and riffs throughout the Song and rise higher on the Rare Rock Radar.  The Riff at 1:50 is unexpected and so kicks weird in the ass! They chose to run the Riff under the Vocal a bit, rather than an immediate cut, nice!            

Seasoned Badass Drummer

These dudes are high piercers and whiners on Guitars, as they choose, and being so odd are great Compadres to the Lyrics and Vocals. The Drums hold a guiding foundation, the old school way and the Drummer is skilled up, seasoned and a badass. The Lead Vocal has just enough rasp and is a great growler. He sings with a variable Register, with good pitch, even though growl and pitch aren’t always friends! Tight aside the CoVocal, the resulting sound is like one voice with more density, impressive. This is one of the cooler and more memorable tunes I have heard, that offers a variety of entertainment…Like any great Funhouse!
Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood @BreconIReviews

Two Brecon Indie Consultant Team Members

Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse:
“This track is a pure headbanger.The distorted Guitars and droning Bass make the riff both haunting and dominating.The fast paced Drums make for an experience in which you won’t be able to not dance too. 

A Total  Bop 
The Vocals have a very distinct tone of which I can’t quite put my finger on as to what it reminds me, making the song even more fun and crazy! A total bop!”


“Dark, twisting Guitar parts with a Bass line that makes you move. They have created a Theme song that rhythmically makes you feel happy. 

Spooky Funhouse

The vocals are perfectly matching the everchanging tone and Key of the song. Great track.Even as an instrumental the song would give the feeling of being in a Funhouse.Twists and turns and musically equivalent to a Spooky spectacular Funhouse!”


“Funhouse,” is masterfully fun and cleverly addictive and produced by a Band seasoned by the best era of Music. This is a must have for any fun or wild event!

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

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