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Stone Cold Canada
Song “Follow Me”
From: Album in progress, “Dominion”

Godzilla Band

Stone Cold Canada are Hard Rockers, “Canadian Steel,” from Kingston, Ontario.                   When asked, what differentiates Canadian Musicians, the Band replied, “They are influential yet they are humble.”  
First up, here is the Band, with nicknames:
Greg Thompson (Drums and Percussion)  aka “Torch”.                                                                       Graham Turner (Bass, Keyboards, Moog pedals, Guitar)  aka “G”. 
Bobby “Rockin” Mederios (Vocals, Rhythm Guitar) 
The youngest of the Band to start Music: “Bob, the singer, recalls his 1st experience playing live in a Grade 8 talent show. His Band’s name was Godzilla, he was 13! 
Lloyd Pacheco (Lead Guitar) He does not have an, “aka,”we call him lots of names!!!!

Like KISS LIVE                                                                                                                              

Stone Cold Canada reigns KISS alike as level stage performers; delivering unrestrained  with ‘tude and the actual, “Smoke and Fire,” SCC has some KISS! These dudes have great influences that vein through them and their Music, from ZZ Top to AC/DC and today’s heavy hitters like Volbeat, Dream Theater and Ghost. They hold the Canadian Band, RUSH in HARD regard and often air this influence into the Band. When asked to define their LIVE shows in one sentence: “ Holy crap, who are these guys, where did they come from, what a Rock Show!”

Mesmerising Freddie Mercury

 “We were lucky enough to see QUEEN in concert in the late 70’s through the 80”s. There was something special about that Band, not only how they wrote and arranged a wide variety of music, but how they could captivate an audience. To say that Freddie Mercury could hold an audience in his hand is really an understatement. We sat in an arena and watched 25 thousand people be simply mesmerised by Freddie.” 

Starts with a Riff   

Most of the time the songs start off with a riff that one of us has. We usually bring it into a jam  and expand the song from there. We really try to collaborate and tap into everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Once we have a base track down we usually send it out via computer and that way each member can work on their individual parts. Once we meet back up we can turn the song into something authentic!”   

Hard Rock Soft Hearts  

The hardest Rockers have the softest hearts. I hope this inspires others:                                           “We play shows for sick kids to people who have lost their homes (fire , flood etc) to huge events like the Kingston motorcycle show that supports Fallen Heroes & Wounded Warriors of Military, Police, Fire and Ambulance . We have donated our time (and multiple T-Shirts)to support the United Way each year by supporting a live band event. We are very lucky to live in a place like Kingston where community is so important and we are only too happy to help.”


Song Reviews: Stone Cold Canada “Follow Me,” 

From: The building Album,“Dominion”   

By: Mary Wood, Founder of Brecon Indie Reviews
Followed by: Indie Consultant Team Members: Dirk Prisby, Emily Glazener and Jack Baldwin

Were this tune a movie, I would describe a HARD, strong and meaningful plot with detailed and layered sub plots, each quite dynamic and distinctive and perfectly intertwined with the main.

Instrumental Weaponry

The Instrumental arrangement is more amazing and complex than most shall ingest. The Band  manages to perfectly blend all components, throughout, and loads us up with flashback sounds. This, thanks to these highly skilled Musicians who use crisp, clean instrumental weaponry to play insanely well and make the,“Best of,” Rock Music sounds heard during the 60s through the 80s scream. The Band wants to pull in youngbloods to old school Rock. I hear some trickles of the Progressive Rockers of the late 70s: Journey, Foreigner Boston; well hit and the Band then jumps harder, alike their aforementioned influences, two of whom are type interchangeable with many prodigious 70 Bands. 

About the 60s

 About the 60s, these dudes manage to work some Brit edged R&R within this one, three decade influenced production. The energy could be called Punkish, but I think it’s  just unusually great Rock. All of these sounds manage to perfectly carry the ingenious and influential Lyrics and are delivered by a sandpapered, well registered and pitched Lead Vocal, who sees no limits. The Guitars are heavy and confident, all over elite and odd Rock sounds that are freakin transcendent.                                                                                                                             

Old School Party 

The Drums are fantastic and guide the Band like an old school party. Even while going off road, Stone Cold Canada manages to invade us with the best sounds and a righteous tune that shall hopefully lead young Rock fans to 60s-80s Music.
By: Mary Wood, @BreconIRevews

Comments from Dirk Prisby, Rubber Clown Car:

“Follow Me” has a Priest/Dio/Maiden vibe to it. The song’s references those Classic Rockers who went before and the influences they had on Stonecold Canada. Crunchy guitars and a clear mix drive the song. I would have liked to hear the vocals a bit more on this. Rock and roll don’t pay the bills but Stonecold Canada is in it for the long haul”.     

 Comments from Jack Baldwin Wildhorse

This Track has an addictive groove. The Bass fills bring even more depth to the beautifully dirty, Metallic Guitar riff. The Vocal harmonies in the Chorus add an extra dynamic of bad-ass to the track. 

Comments from Emily Glazener of Red Iris:

“Follow me,” is a complete solute to Anthem Metal Rock of the 80s. The vocals are a solid, theatrical Metal, beckoning all who know and feel true Metal Rock to stand up  and  “Follow Me”. Great control of the Anthem throughout this rocker track. The breakdown in the middle, with the announcing voice saying to those listening to remember what Rock/Metal was and still is today….Genius. This is a great Metal Anthem.”


I asked the Band when they knew their Music was good and how they felt.                        Wishes for continued success and joy in your Music from all of us!  

AC/DC and Van Halen  

We are very happy that people like our music. We really got a sense that our music was appreciated when audience members started asking for us to play some of our earliest releases. One of our songs  “Tonight” aired on an upstate New York radio station and people started yelling for the song at our live shows. The radio station showcased another song “Aviators” and that was when we started getting a strong reaction from the crowd. It was a great sense of accomplishment that fans really liked our songs! Hearing your music on a local rock radio is thrilling to say the least, especially when you are played between AC/DC and Van Halen!”

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

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