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Please go to this elite website to get complete information on Yard of Blondes: cohttps://www.yardofblondes.m/  @YardofBlondes

Here are The Blondes:

Vincent Jacob – Guitars/ Vocals • Fanny Hill – Bass / Vocals • Burak Yerebakan – Guitar • Forrest Mitchell – Drums / Vocals. Though Rocking in Northern California, USA, now;
only one member of this Alternative Rock/Punk Band is native to California.


The founding duo, Vincent and Fanny, began their Music Careers in their homeland of France in 2010. Cali bound, they left behind an ever growing fanbase. Burak comes to California from beautiful Turkey. Forrest Mitchell is the native Californian.


After looking into this Band and hearing their Music, I maintain that their spread of cultural influences is a core reason they are quite distinguishable from other Indie Bands; extraordinary standouts, This lot makes atypically solid and creative choices that are both refreshing and cool. I also like their Band influences: Nirvana,The Beatles, Smashing Pumpkins and Queens of the Stone Age.


Yard Of Blondes describe themselves as, “An Alternative Grunge Band,” on Twitter, as well as, Punk and Rock elsewhere. I can hear all of it in their Music. It doesn’t really matter, the Band is freakin’ amazing. Both myself and some of the Brecon Indie Reviews Consultant Team heard some 80’s in their Music.


Directly from the Band,”Our name came from a song, “Yard Of Blonde Girls,” from an LA girl band of the 80’s called the Nymphs.” +++ “This song was then covered by Jeff Buckley who made it more famous.” +++ “We loved the song, but also the name’s evocation; it reminded us of the mysterious ambiance of The Virgin Suicides.”


The three words the Band chose to describe themselves: 
Rock, Emotional and Cathartic. Three words to describe themselves LIVE:
Energetic, Punk and Real.  Compile these six and you have blondes that burn stages! 
Interesting facts: “I, (Vincent), am actually completing a Ph.D. in Philosophy.” +++ “I don’t think our fans know about that.” +++ “Fanny won the organ European Championship when she was 12. I don’t think they know that either!”.


Members: Grunge Norris, Dirk Prisby (Rubber Clown Car) 
and Emily Glazener (Red Iris) • Song: “Do You Need More”• Album: Feed The Moon

From the Band: “It’s one of our favorite songs to play live and we used to open every gig with it.” “It’s a song about gaslighting women. It could be taken as a love song, but it’s more a song about toxic love.” “We’re very happy with it.”

REVIEW by: Grunge Norris, The Alternative Rock Master and SLE Radio Host
Yard Of Blondes – “Do You Need More”

“Do You Need More,” by the awesome Yard Of Blondes, is a lot of fun,” beginning with an opening riff that reminds one of the heady days of The Vines and Get Free.“ +++ “This tune quickly morphs into solid, stoner-based Rock; reminiscent of ‘ Purple ‘ era Stone Temple Pilots and ‘ Rated R ‘ QoTSA.” +++ “A beautiful crushing and crunching guitar riff pumped the song and the thumping metronomic drums killed.” +++ “ This tune is a must for all fans of Alternative Rock.” Grunge Norris @GrungeNorris

REVIEW by: The very Alternative, Rock/Grunge: Dirk Prisby Rubber Clown Car

“Do You Need More” has kind of a “modern 80’s” feel to it. The song has a tight arrangement with nice harmony, vocals and effects.” “A bit of a metal edge is thrown in for good measure.” +++ “ If System of A Down would have shared a practice space with the B52s, it might have come out sounding a lot like this.”  Dirk Prisby @rubberclowncar

REVIEW by:Emily Glazener, Power Vocal for the elite Rock Band, Red Iris:

“Do You Need More” is a great solid rocker.:” +++ “It’s got a driving beat throughout ; like a locomotive racing on the rails.” +++ “The diversity of the vocals catches you right away; starting low and melancholy, then blasting into a higher rocking range.” +++ “The backing vocals in the end with a female voice answering the call back, “Give me some more,” to the question, “Do you need more,” was spectacular; gives tension and even more sex appeal to the song- this is a killer rockin track.”                                  

PRIMARY REVIEW by Mary Wood, Brecon Indie Reviews

Tunes should establish a strong presence, from jump, and this one does! The Guitars open up, bordering aggressive; the sound demanding attention! Male Lead Vocal, Vincent, has a stunning and elite strong Rocker Voice with density of experience. He confidently modulates his Register range, Pitch and style in perfect balance with the Band and Co Vocal and humps the Lyrics explosively. He later sings with light sandpaper within his voice, quite Cobainish; sticking it to Lyric hot spots, that require even extra ‘tude and emotion.

The French duo, Co Vocal, Fanny and Lead Vocal Vincent are a perfect blend and deliver harmony and badassery with equal fervor. The Lyrics are well written and relatable, delivered in such a way that the listener may emotionally join in the anger and frustration while being entertained by one of the best Indie Bands I’ve heard.

I cannot emphasize enough, the elite quality and keen presence of the Guitars. Throughout, new to my ears of late, the Guitarists long-hold riffs and shred it out. They deliver hard attitudinal sounds both supreme and uncommon. These shredders are the grungy, hardish Rockers upon which the Vocals soar. The Drums are sensational and a rhythmic guide to the Band. Some may get a whiff of Punk. I hear an Alternative Rock Band with some Grunge going on.

Best of 70s
As a 70s Music Monsta, Yard of Blondes reminds me of the best Hard Rockers of the era. Those Rockers could bring it hard, ballad or graze in the middle and were always wide open. There is a ghost of the 80s, really cool, but not predominant. This is a confident, breaking bad, free-based Band. They are bodacious and serve up a standout song as an end product. This is the third track from their Album, Feed the Moon. This Band is elite, extraordinary and very marketable.

Mary Wood Brecon Indie Reviews @BreconIReviews

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

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