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PROFILE: Brecon Indie Reviews Consultant Team, Mary Wood                

The “Rev Cavs,” are a true, Indie-spirited, four year old and four member Band from Spring Hill Tennessee, USA, near the Music famous Nashville. I’ve reviewed this cool, quirky and super sounding Band for years. Their Music is anything and everything: Soft and Hard Rock, Rock/Country, Americana, Ratpack, Blues, Soul, Funk and more.

This Band never shoots and misses. 
Here is the lineup: Rick Hammond, Vocals/Guitars; Trish Hammond, Vocals/Percussion; Aubrey Shamel, Bass/BGV; Dustin Briones, Drums
The “Rev Cavs” make Music they love without the need to follow the herds of Bands that label and limit.  

They define themselves as a, “No rules Rock Band.” I know them to be wide-open, genre playful and a really, entertaining lot. This Band is all Genre inclusive:
Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Funk, R&B, Americana and more. The Band’s Music influences are as vast as the genres they play: The Foo Fighters, Elton John, Queen, Earth Wind Fire, Van Halen and Volbeat. 

Directly from Rick: “Before this Band was fully formed, my brother Tim and I played an Acoustic Show in Los Angeles at a Goth coffee bar.” “Between sets, a guy with vampire fang implants came up and said, “You are Christians, aren’t you?” “We confirmed and contrary to the length of his teeth, proceeded to have a fun chat with him!”     

When I asked Rick to describe something odd the Band does, he responded, “We like to offer each other medical advice before starting our rehearsals.” Surely, they must derive something from this, to be a regular thing?! 

The Reverent Cavaliers describe their Band as a,”Fun family affair.” I didn’t know, surely fans don’t, how literal a tag this is. Rick lists the Band as a Familia: “Our Band consists of: a Husband and Wife (Rick and Trish); a Nephew and a surrogate niece.”      

I often ask questions, to the many, to dime out the oddest of the gang. Investigating hobbies, Rick made this easy!  His main hobby is, “Using a flamethrower on scary looking spiders.” Ok, then! This Band defines who the members are as people by their open genre playing and unpredictable releases.  

Brecon Indie Reviews Mary Wood

SONG REVIEWS by Brecon Indie Reviews Consultant Team

Song:”I Wanna Sing ”
EP name: “Thistle Dew”
Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse 
and 3Mind Blight                                                        

JACK BALDWIN’S REVIEW:                        

What a great track! I love how it changes pace from the fast, in your face punky verses to the slower sway of the chorus. It creeps up on you out of nowhere and the harmonies blow your face off! 

The male and female Vocalists play off each other and this works extremely well, giving the song an exile-on-mainstreet vibe. The Drums are incredible, the fills help to bridge the verses to the choruses, lifting the whole thing to a different level. The Guitar and Bass are also brilliant!  There is a lot of talent here!”
By: Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse         


I asked this Multi-Genre Artist, who has electroshocked the entire Indie Music Industry and beyond, to Review, “I Wanna Sing.” He writes, ” It could’ve been mixed better, but, the song is great!” +++ “Coming in with an almost grunge like musical overtone, the Rev Cavs pull you in with catchy guitar riffs and a pulsating back beat that is sure to get you moving.” +++ “The Dual vocals and the words contained within, seem to tell a story of overcoming all odds and just jamming out and having fun.” +++ “It truly is inspiring to hear, that no matter what, they will push through it and perform and sing their way to bliss.” +++ “It sure made me wanna sing!”
By: 3Mind Blight

REVIEW Brecon Indie Reviews, Mary Wood

In the “Way they always do”, the Rev Cavs release another song magnifique!         

We have a Southern~sounds grounded Rock tune that jumps off with explosive Country/Southern Rock with a Punk pace and undertone of a Funk feel. The rhythm, Band blending and balance and where the Rock and Vocals meet is righteous. The compilation immediately draws the listener in.                   

The chorus is very cleverly written and delivered in with a new genre for max impact; almost a song within a song. (Is that lucid rocking?) It rolls in slow on Blues/Rock air with a wonderfully blended Vocal duo hemmed in. The message enhancing decisions by the Band help provide an amazing delivery.   

Now that I think about it, this Band tips up some sounds alike Louisiana Swamp Rock, love it! I must say, the Drums really guide the production, the OSchool way, and are perfectly assertive. This is a rhythmically mad~sticked delivery by the masterfully skilled Drummer, Dustin. 

Aubrey, on Bass Guitar, is a great sound mechanism aside the finger fighter, Rick on Guitar. The two are passionate, solidly skilled and wide open. They operate with a great kinship to the Drums. The riff around 2:30suits the song and isn’t a common sounding Guitar blast; it’s fresh! Lead Vocal, Rick, is confident and committed to the Lyrics. He owns such a superb, smooth Rock voice with a bit of grind, all wrapped up in the South, USA.              

Let’s talk about Trish! She stamps the tune, up top, with an intro that spooks! Her voice has an ethereal tone, ghosting in, with an electronic assistant, also a ghost dude. This, only one of the cool details the Band slips in throughout the song. Rick’s spontaneous shoutout, later in the song, stood out and made me grin. Trish is a high pitcher with great vocal density. She adds some elements that are subtle and powerful as both a co and back Vocal.      

These details, hemmed in clever areas, are another Reverent Cavalier trademark, for which they are known and beloved. Together with Rick, Trish is, “Harmony on a stick,” and the two nail the chorus, riding on one hell of a Band. The Band is wonderfully pungent with 70s sounds; had my heart years ago! Their open attitude, “No genre left behind,” incorporates the best, like Soul, and this enhances the already layered sounds they produce. 

The Songwriting from this Band is always very homegrown; surely, all ideas welcome with the most off the hook making the finals. This is one hell of an entertaining tune that provides a major pump up and a fun place to hide from the World. The Reverent Cavaliers are doing what they love, with no rules!           

Mary Wood, Brecon Indie Reviews @BreconIRevews

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

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