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Band: Mad Wet Sea
Located: Kingston Ontario, Canada 
Album: The Sirens Call
Song: “God of War”
Genre: HardRock/Metal with non genre specific sounds.


Mad Wet Sea influences include:Metallica, Megadeth, Big Wreck and Zeppelin.Mad Wet Sea is a Hard Rock~Metal Band; albeit, wide-open, non-genre specific sounds. This is fueled by wonderfully bizarre, cool and clever alter egos who live in and together with their Music. This influence spread is tell tale of why the EP,  Sirens Call reeks of such diverse sounds. This very, off road Band provided me a rundown of their identities  and what each represents in their Music; instrumental weapons and some intriguingly deviant details of the Band’s overall ‘tude. Mad Wet Sea, see themselves as, “The Norse Gods.” Only they can describe this well: ” We, as a band … came together from other bands. I am Ægir the God of the Sea; I lead the Band, am Lead Vocal and play Bass.” “Logi is my brother and God of Fire. He brings his fiery licks on Guitar and Vocals.” “He has played with local (#YGK)Bands such as:
“Lastly, we follow the waves of sound brought by my Brother, God of the Wind, Karì, on Drums.”


Mad Wet Sea, see themselves as, “The Norse Gods.” Only they can describe this well: “We, as a band … came together from other bands I am Ægir the God of the Sea; I lead the Band, am Lead Vocal and play Bass.” “Logi is my brother and God of Fire. He brings his fiery licks on Guitar and Vocals.” “He has played with local (#YGK)Bands such as:These dudes definitely bring it hard and with this level of living imagination, real and hard.
METALLICA & MEGADETHOne of my Consult Team, Dirk Risby- Rubber Clown Car heard some Metallica influences. A Guest Consultant, Corners of Sanctuary, an elite Hard Rock/Metal Band heard Megadeth!” We don’t associate ourselves with just one sound.”


The Band shares  a couple of favorite quotes: “The best quote would be from Lemmy (Motorhead) … “If you think you’re too old to rock and rock, you are. “Lemmy also said:
“If you’re going to be a Rock Star, go be one. People don’t want to see the guy next door on stage; they want to see a being from another planet”. That’s a quote from a true, unbridled Rocker and so suited to this Band!  


“God of War”
By: Dirk Prisby Rubber Clown Car

“Mad Wet Sea delivers a relentless, pulsating track that hits you over the head and never stops coming at you, like a champion prizefighter.”
“Opening with a crunchy, compressed riff the song builds to the chorus where it hammers home the song’s message.”  “Lots of bands are influenced by Metallica, as this band, no doubt is. “But, Mad Wet Sea goes the extra mile to take that influence and move forward with it!”

I asked Corners of Sanctuary, an elite Metal Band I feel shares the same ‘tude about Rock, to comment on “God of War: “The Band’s sound is aggressively raw and very reminiscent of early Megadeth.”


“God of War”
By: Drew Jarvie, Delerium Trees

Mad Wet Sea – God Of War (From the EP ‘As Sirens Call’)

Myth and legend have provided much inspiration to composers through the years: Greek myth, as in Jacque Offenbach’s Orpheus in the Underworld; German legend, with Richard Strauss’s ‘Till Eulenspiegel’s Merry Pranks’; and the huge influence of Norse legend found in the music of Wagner and Grieg. Grieg still has a massive influence, as heard in the Electric Light Orchestra’s version of In The Hall of the Mountain King and, most recently, the indie band Sudler’s Row’s version of the entire Peer Gynt suite.

Many hard rock / heavy metal bands use these myths as their inspiration both lyrically and musically. Mad West Sea have used these influences to brilliant effect in God of War.

The song is pushed forwards by a rampaging quaver rhythm riff provided by the bass and rhythm guitars, backed up by the drums pounding a straight 4/4. It’s actually nice not to hear the bass drum being double peddled, a technique used by Judas Priest in Breakin’ The Law and Nazareth in This Month’s Messiah. This clears the way for the vocalist’s lyrics and melody line to be clearly heard.

The fight between good and evil, dark and light are all over the lyrics ‘The Truth Now Crushed By Rocks’ or ‘Watch The World Burn’, along with the rallying call to arms, ‘Valhalla Calling’. Perhaps the band are referencing political events happening in some parts of the world. Fans of Rainbow Rising will love these lyrics.

As is traditional in this genre, this song has a thrilling guitar solo that shows tremendous skill but does not overpower the song.

The song returns to the chorus and ends how it starts, with it’s memorable pounding riff.

Hopefully, the God of War is not coming, but one thing is for sure – Mad Wet Sea most definitely are.

Drew Jarvie AMJ Music 2020


By: Mary Wood
Review “God of War” 

Wow, the density within the Guitar shred really sets the mood for this song, from jump! These guys are true believers in bringing back Hard Rock with prolific Lyrics that can be heard, understood and felt. Mad Wet Sea is influenced by the 70s, performance MONSTA Bands, who delivered Rock righteously and also dropped Ballads in the middle of Hard-ass Rock Albums!


“God of War ” from the EP, “The Sirens Call,” is part of a gruelling thematic that runs through all of the Tracks. We shall Review another track next week, that shares another vein of this journey with this Song. Here is the best way to travel with these dudes in this song … A narrative from Mad Wet Sea: “Odysseus and his crew took off to Troy and in the midst of war, had to pass the rocky shores and cliffs of an Island where the Sirens lived…”THE SIRENS SANG SONGS”. The Sirens sang songs, luring sailors to their deaths on the rocks where they ate their remains …”God of War,” tells of the battles and advises against listening the Sirens call, their songs, to avoid certain death. Rare it is to hear Songwriting this wonderfully creative that comes from minds that hang within other levels of existence. FLAGSTONES 70S HARD ROCK. These guys are true to their goal; to carry forward some flagstones of oldschool, Hard Rock Bands who mastered diverse sounds and tunes. Mad Wet Sea drives on a different road than Rockers who sound to similar to other Bands; those constrained by convention and the market.


The Band balances so well with the Vocal, who gives me 70s flashbacks. He skillfully holds the contrary pair of smooth, via sound Vocal register and pitch on each run, and, the mad skill of the hard, rough tones.The riff just over half way in provides an absolute guaranteed buzz. These are seasoned Artists with uninhibited imagination, who cook up a theme, live inside of it and the fruition is both ethereal AND Hard! 

Mad Wet Sea – Lullaby

Lullaby is the second single from The Sirens Call EP by Mad Wet Sea. It is not the conventional lullaby we are used to, most famously heard in Weigenlied / Cradle Song by Johannes Brahms, but a message, a message from the God of War.

Mad Wet Sea have been inspired by Norse legend. Odin, the God of War and Death would listen to the cries of pain, anguish, devastation before those afflicted would die. As the band say, ‘Your last breath is sacred just before you die’. Clearly the God Of War has had a busy time.

The other obvious contrast to the normal lullaby is the style of music and delivery of the vocal. Faith No More would be proud of the start of this song. Guitars and drums crash into a fast-heavy rock repeated pattern which provide the perfect soundscape to build the vocal line. This vocal technique is called sprechgesang in which the lyrics are used in a rhythmic form, somewhere between speech and singing. As the song is telling a story it is an effective way to get the story or message across to the listener.

This leads into a superb and catchy chorus, you can imagine the band’s fans, fists clenched in the air, singing along to this. An added harmony to the main vocal adds to the sense that we can all join in.

A classic guitar solo brilliantly played with lots of scalic passages leads back to the chorus.

Brilliant song, brilliant band.

Drew Jarvie, AMJ Music 2020.

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