Listen to Abby K on Spotify
Listen to Abby K on Spotify

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The Bandmembers are:

Greg Dampier: Drums
Johnny Zostant: Guitar
Abby K: Vocals & Bass
Crispy Borell: Guitar
Ade Herbert: Keys


The Abby K Band are Hard Rockers with Pop edges from North Carolina, USA. This lot of skilled and passionate Artists is fronted by the Band namesake, Abby K….on Bass. The Abby K Band has released four singles and plans to release an EP in the near future.  

Abby jumped off with Maiden as her Rock right hand influence;  thanks to her Dad who ensured she listened to them, after her time playing Taylor Swift in her iPod. 
Iron Maiden continues to hold a  strong place in her being as a Musician, from which she continues to develop as an elitely skilled, distinctive and standout Artist. Abby wrote, “I absolutely love Iron Maiden and I think it shows through my playing.” Abby knew she wanted to play Bass Guitar after a 2014 KISS Concert, at age 10. Her first three albums were: The Final Countdown by Europe, Destroyer by KISS and Ace Frehley’s solo album. 
She wrote, “My biggest influence on Bass is most definitely Steve Harris.” “Vocally, I am very inspired by Lzzy Hale of Halestorm.”

Abby K, simply put, is a young Rocker savant with a 1970s Oldschool Rock Soul. Her Music hit the Indie World rather like a Storm that blewin tree bending sounds with a transcendent presence before hitting land. True Rock Fans sensed a prodigious arrival and they were so right!I asked Abby a, “Which animal question,” to describe both her Bass and Voice. She answered a Tiger and Lion respectively; both, most appropriat ad the muscle duo of the Jungle with the badass tags in this World and center stage to all who surround them. Abby shared, “I like to play harder and not be afraid to break a string or a nail.”

A cool side note for Fans: 

Abby has an on Stage, “Sock Superstition,” and wears certain socks, mismatched and believes this gifts her luck when the Band is tearing up stages. She shared with me that during her worst Live Show, she wore matching Panda socks. For Christmas, her stocking should be stuffed with socks that profile 70s Rockers so she may mix and match at will! I’ve Reviewed her latest Songs, “Rock the Rock,” and, “I Thought That I Loved You,” both of which were instant hits that galvanized intense Social Media and Radio heat. I’ve included several #BITeamConsultant comments and short Reviews. Each Consultant was enthusiastic to provide input for the Abby K Songs.

Brecon Indie Team Consultant Comments:

From Grunge Norris: Grunge Norris, elite Alternative Rocker and Radio Show Host wrote this about Abby, who he has spun on Radio, “She is my favourite, Southern~Gothic Belle.” He continues,
“The Music is totally on point and a definite must for all fans of Miss K’s angst-ridden power Pop.””Considering angst, the Band  definitely gives NiN a run for the money in the ‘ Hurt ‘ stakes and slams of the production with the passion and energy that is Abby K.”From Emily Glazener, elite Power Vocal for the amazing Rock Band,
Red Iris: “Abby’s vocals are beautiful and clean. I can really pick up on the emotion in her Music from the delivery.”
Side Note: It would be felonious not to encourage everyone to see the YouTube Videos for these Songs.  Each is a production phenomenon. 

REVIEWS:We begin Reviews with: “Rock the Rock,” written first myself followed by Team Consultant, Jack Baldwin of Wildhorserockuk.

Review by: @BreconIReviews:

“Rock the Rock,” from the Abby K Band, that fronts Abby K on her massive Bass, simply put, are a mass of mad skills!When her shread breaks bad on that Bass, the sounds are freakin’ flammable and the air around her a match. Her fingers are ghosted with the best of Oldschool 70s Guitarists, especially, Steve Harris, her main Bass dude! Abby’s Songwriting is both creative and cleverly marketable. The seasoned sounding Pop/Rock Vocal and sick Bass player well blends with a more than solidly skilled Band and together make a center mass HIT! @BreconIReviews Mary Wood

Review: “Rock the Rock” From Jack Baldwin, Team Consultant of Wildhorserockuk:

“Wow, a very catchy melody with a kick ass attitude that will last for days.” “Abby K is one to watch; she’s going to go far.” “Musically, this is an excellent track with driving Bass and Drums with no- nonsense shredding on the Guitars.”   “The Vocals are incredible – they capture the meaning and vibe of the song perfectly!”

Second song Review:”I Thought That I Loved You”By: Mary Wood    @BreconIReviewsThe Songwriting, Power Rock and Pop Vocal delivery, Score and badass Guitar crying are a compelling tribute to the relatable aftermath of infidelity.Abby truly gets down on this stabbing and relatable subject.The Lyrics are an insightful slam up within the layers of betrayal and faulty choices, characteristic of infidelity and vulnerability.The Song owns perfectly enmeshed Music and emotion.  The Band is quite a superior one and provides a solidly thriving Instrumental blend upon which Abby rips and roars.The anthemic power with which Abby delivers the Lyrics shake the ground under anyone who has experienced this crime to the soul.Abby’s voice rides within a Mid-Second Soprano Register and manages a perfect pitch performance.                             

She easily swims against tide and gifts a Song that couldn’t be more ear pleasing, relatable or affecting. She is a confident Vocal, who, I later learned grew up singing in Church.There is a Popish style within this powerful Ballad and a very slight undercurrent of Country Music.Abby K reminds me a lot of Cristina Aguilera, who started with Classical training and  Gospel to become a Power~Pop icon. Abby’s singing and methodical use of the pinnacle points to, “Get down on it,” with that Bass Guitar are the delivery that nails many coffins before her. She dimes out and down the, “Lived it”  disappointment, anger, and worse than death pain of betrayal like a many years seasoned in life and skill Musician.”@BreconIReviews

I would like to conclude with some words from the amazing Rocker, Griffin Tucker, who I Reviewed when he was Abby’s age. The two have an upcoming November event with Mike on Keep Rock Alive, for whom Griffin has much appreciation for his dedication to RockersGriffin wrote, “I’m really looking forward to doing this talk with Abby K on Keep Rock Alive.””I appreciate all that Mike does to promote the next generation of rockers like Abby & me.” “I think Abby is an amazing Artist and Bassist.” “She is definitely an inspiration to young, female Rockers who are trying to make their way.”
~Griffin Tucker

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Abby K – 2 Songs (Review):
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