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The Moondogz are are Cheshire UK based indie rock band. Song: “Summer Rain” Album: ‘What’s Done is Done’

Album release:
‘What’s Done is Done’ was released on Bandcamp and CD on 23rd September 2020.
Profile Song: “Summer Rain”

The Moondogz have been around a few years, here is the Band: Ant Machin (rhythm guitar and vocals) and Band Founder Gaz Morgan (lead guitar and backing vocals), Andy Shallcross (Bass) and Aaron Walker (drums). *former drummer, Tony Kingdon was the main on this Album and plays the drums on four of the album tracks. The incredible Joe Oakes stood in, admirably, for the rest of the recording sessions. (Aaron doesn’t actually appear on the album at all.) The Moondogz released an EP last year called ‘Resurgence’, and have now followed it up with a debut album ‘What’s Done is Done’. The Album theme: The Album Title,’What’s Done is Done,’ came from the desire of the current line-up to move away from the early folky Blues sound of the band to more of a Rock sound. Much of the lyrics are reflections on Ant’s past experiences; things that can’t be changed; hence ‘What’s Done is Done’. The track ‘Summer Rain’ is an extension of this; the lyrics look back on the past, with a slight melancholy that those times are gone.

Band influences include: Nirvana, Bowie, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Foo fighters, Blur, The Wildhearts, Guns n’ Roses, The Misfits, Muse and Queen.

Breaking News: Moondogz are legislated apart! Jamming sessions are currently on hold; as the UK government became increasingly fearful of the raw power of The Moondogz, they hurriedly passed legislation to prevent the band meeting up. This however will not last, and the ‘dogz will rise again. The sessions are a forum for any of the band members to put forward an idea; the rest of the band then just joins in and songs tend to come together quickly. Jamming sessions in three words: Free, spontaneous and fun! This Band is a tight group. The rehearsals are spent either playing or laughing; quite often at Ant, who doesn’t always catch on to the joke at first. Tony is a constant source of one-liners and Dad jokes. The main thing, the music, is taken very seriously. Gaz and Ant occasionally have creative differences… nothing that doesn’t get sorted by meeting up for a few beers (whiskey for Ant). Our vast legions of fans are called, “Doggerz.”

We continue with two BreconIndieTeamConsults:

3MindBlight: He comments, “The Melody and drum lines make your head nod and the Guitar is in perfect timing with the Vocal.” “The Lyrics bring you back to happy childhood memories of dancing in the rain.” “There is perfect balance of undertone melody and vocal sycopation.” He continues, “If you are looking for the perfect blend of vocal and guitar goodness to rock your Saturday Nights, look no further because you have found it!

We conclude with THE fantastic Review of the Song,”Summer Rain,” by: Jack Baldwin of Wildhorse: “There is a very cleverly crafted mix in the verses; a croaking vocal pouring out, in a way similar to that of Axle Rose. This fits perfectly with the post-punk anx on the guitars. Contrarily, in the chorus the harmonies lift the vocal to a whole new emotion of freedom; not having a care in the world, similar to Vocalists of the 60s and 70s.” Jack continues, “The juxtaposition between the verses and the chorus works perfectly; the verses representing life when you let daily worries get to you and control you and the choruses representing the joy you can get out of life once you decide to finally let go of the small things that have consumed your life and made you anxious.”
Jack further comments, “The drums represent perfectly the meaning of the song – plodding along in the verses to create a tense atmosphere, and exploding in the choruses, letting rip and enjoying the freedom to hit whatever drum it wants!
The song is mixed extremely well with the vocals sitting on top of the music, at a perfect level of not too quiet so the meaning of the song is lost, but not too loud so the atmosphere of the music is lost. Great guitar tones!””The theme is presented perfectly in the chorus, to appreciate the sheer joy and freedom experienced by letting go of your worries and enjoying the world around you.” Jack Baldwin Wildhorse
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