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Love Battalion is tagged to strike a match on the paradox of War, (“Battalion”) that burns in destruction, hate and negativity. Conversely, Love represents the Band’s desire that their Music induce Love and positivity over negativity.

These guys are remarkably and righteously aware of the causes of hate and negativity, from the time of youth and are on a heat seeking mission to create change through their Music.

This Band is in Indianapolis, Indiana and roll as true Midwesterners.

Love Battalion is:

Jason Bambery – Vocals
Mike Smiley – Guitar
Larry Langley – Bass
Jared Asher – Drums.

Direct from these dudes, about the inception of their Album, Demos:

“A 9 song Demo was recorded Live during sessions and captured at Jason’s Studio~Purple Harvest over a 6 session period around 2 hours per session.”

They continue, “These Demos were released because the music just doesn’t stop, and we wanted to get what we already had out to the fan’s and not lose the momentum.”

Talk about on the fly talent!

“Our Influences are all over the map, with: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Sly and the Family Stone, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Iron Maiden, Mother Love Bone, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Nirvana, AC/DC, Iggy Pop, to Johnny Cash the list goes on and on.” “Take them all and blend it together and the Demo’s just touches the surface of what is to come.”

Of the most impressive things Love Battalion shared with me, is that Soul Music greatly influenced their Music and I believe very much who they are. Specifically, Gospel and Blues were noted and this impresses me so much and makes me smile! These guys have been rocking together since the 90s!

A great comment from the Band, proven by both their Music processes and end result: “The chemistry with the four of us is amazing, it’s like capturing lightening in a bottle.”

These dudes carry the uniqueness of the Midwestern area and their experiences, into their music in creative, metaphorical and other brilliantly odd ways.

The Band adds, about their beloved State, “There’s more than corn in Indiana.” And, hell yes there is!

Love Battalion is old school Rock grounded; high energy, with rather a Punkish edge. Take these and dip them in those great listed, “Best of,” genre influences and we have a pipe hitter of a Band!

I asked them to describe their Band using three words and they chose,

” Entertaining, energetic and engaging…with a bonus, loveable!”

We selected, “Medium Fish,” as the profile song for this article, from their debut CD, “Demos.”

No one could provide a better Review input than our Lead Brecon Indie Reviews Team Consultant and prodigiously badass Alternative Rocker, Grunge Norris: “This is Midwestern American Garage Rock at its finest. It is reminiscent of MC5 , The Dirtbombs and Von Bondies. 21st Century apathy never sounded so good. A must for all fans of sounds Jack White! It’s 2002 all over again!”

The Band explained , “Medium Fish,” is meant to depict their satisfaction being relevant and impacting in their city, where they are planted, versus, the all too typical industry tude of bust wide open and go world wide.

The very catchy lyrics within the punkish paced delivery are a trip! They are imaginative, home grown and really combust the Medium Fish philosophy. The Band pivots off of each other for a grand blend, rather a live concert feel. The Lead Vocal has a clean voice with some great Midwestern dirt in the flavor; almost a sarcastic, satirical ‘tude, perfect to the Lyrics. Up top verse is such creative DIY on the fly and establishes them as homies, “Were headed for stormy weather, yesterday it felt like Winter; Today is a Tropicana, welcome to Indiana.” The energetic rhythm of the tune makes it really entertaining. These are lyrics that must be heard to pop.

The song taps this Band as old souls, who, cleverly roll this into their Music. They are almost strangely enlightened and are simply good. They actually describe their genre, off cuff, as

“Love Rock,” that was a tag back in the 60s/70s.

Any Band that signs off like this is also, beyond cool, ” Peace and Bacon Grease, let our love shine in,” Love Battalion.

Mary Wood

@BreconIReviews and BIRConsultant Grunge Norris

Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Love Battalion – Medium Fish (Review):
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