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Profile of Rick Pisano

Rick Pisano, is within what I call, “My very top level,” of Indies Reviewed over five years. He is a primarily a Blues and Rock, Solo Artist. The earliest Music influence for Rick was The Beatles, who he saw on the Ed Sullivan Show and knew Musicianry to be his future. Coincidentally, the Beatles would gift him his favorite Concert and wild night years later.  Proceeding influences included, but, were not limited to: Muddy Waters, BB King and Luther Allison in Blues; The Beatles, Stones, Moody Blues, Neil Diamond and others in the Rock arena with a Ballad kicker.

In my mind, flashing back to this Music, I hear some of these influences in the best of ways; he holds rather a combination of the tudes and skills, that defined some of the Blues Artists and Rockers. This would affect his direction; influences always at heart, to land and grow within his own space and as a distinctive Musician. He certainly had the best in Songwriting influences from these legends, and it shows! His Songwriting is confident, real, relatable, life story driven; often personal. He plates all of his Songwriting for the contemporary palate, while he stays planted in the 60s/70s. He profiles an extraordinary and growling Vocal delivery; the dominant feature in the songs.

The Rockers have to be up in his Guitar ability; each song on his new Album, Dawn of the Waking Man, profiles another layer of skills and sounds that so affect the most righteous Music lovers. He loved the tune, “Born to Be Wild,” and that could be his Guitar tag! Rick’s first performance was in a bar in a, “Not so nice area of Boston.” He was only seventeen, in a Band with some play cred in the area. As the Lead Guitar and Vocal he, “Was a bit shaky at first, but, settled down to liking it.” Surely, his brother with him, playing the Drums, helped! They were both, “Able to leave with their lives and crumbled up $10 bill each.” What a fun story.

I referenced Rick’s Album, Dawn of the Waking Man earlier. This, Rick’s first Album is not new, but, he feels new to most people.He is currently working on his second Album. You shall love the song I’m reviewing from the Album,”Can’t Get Enough.” The Album, as I expected, owns a grand variety of superbly written songs, a sand papered Vocal and mad delivery that skillfully modulates throughout the Album full of different Genres. Enjoy the song here and on Jørg’s Radioshow from Wednesday through Sunday, and please read the Review.

Review “Can’t Get Enough”

I cannot throw all of the nods owed to this song by Rick Pisano.He delivers this song with one of my favorite Vocal styles: Low~register edged, growling, grinding sandpaper eating Singing. The Vocal could be considered a questionable partner to the Music, as noted by one of our Brecon Indie Consultants.

I l’ove it! 
The contrary nature reinforces how confident Rick is as a 
stand alone, distinctive Musician, who rolls it out as a passionate and committed Singer.
The Guitar really standouts as a lead character in this play! 
The long, whining shreds make me high. Dude knows how to ride up hard in the score with Guitar.

The production is one I really like and enjoy this song.
It is part of an Album, Dawn of the Waking Man, with several Genres, that  required a vastly modulated Vocal, as well as a genre change~up Music Score.
Rick slams this throughout the Album. 
I especially love the Gospel in the Album and his delivery. 
I feel this is a great arena for Rick for continued endeavor.
Rick Pisano is a Rock/Blues Monsta who confidently dabbles well in other Genres.

Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Rick Pisano – Can’t get enough (Review):
the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 21.10. – 25.10.2020

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