Grunge Norris – Unholy Jane: listen to it on Spotify!
Grunge Norris – Black Rose: listen to it on Spotify!

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SHORT/INTRO BIO: Grunge Norris is a prodigious Indie Alternative Rocker and Radio Show Host on SLE Radio. He hails from South East England.

Review: GrungeNorris, South East England; Songs, “Unholy Jane” and “Black Rose.” Album: Bad Monkey

Review by Mary Wood Brecon Indie Reviews; with Review comments from Drew Jarvie of  The Delerium Trees, as a BIRTeamConsultant.

We are Reviewing one of the most  prodigiously skilled, brilliantly strange and densely cool Indie Musicians in the League, Grunge Norris. 

“Unholy Jane,” and, “Black Rose,” are incredibly listener affecting, entertaining and puzzling songs; arising from creative, clever and uninhibited  Songwriting, steps above most and written in a real and/or analogous bake. 

Both songs showcase a smooth Rock Vocal with light, underlying gravel that flaunts confident and masterful Guitar shredding, throughout.  He considers himself a, “Guitar Head.”  He runs a couple of Fender strats, both slightly modded through rough and a 1957 Fender Tweed Blues Deluxe.  He records Reel to Reel! He is also a master of a righteously cooky collection of vintage Keys, wish I had room! 

Drew Jarvie, our Brecon Indie Consultant, wrote this marvel of a critique: “Grunge sings like a man possessed with an Eddie Vedder spirit. Unholy Jane is a an amazing song with magnificent guitar work, that provides a tremendous counterpoint to Grunge’s singing.”      He continued to hook Unholy Jane with  an air of Pearl Jam; high praise indeed!

Grunge writes, “I wrote “Unholy Jane,” in a, five minute flurry of intense creativity, one hot afternoon in August 2016. My brain was enhanced by mother nature’s finest reefer.” “I started messing around with a chord arrangement I never even known existed. I strummed the first chord and the line, “High as the sun.” I knew I’d written something really special. In retrospect, Unholy Jane is a song about the folly of misadventure in a post apocalyptic world.” 

He continues writing about a second track marvel from, Bad Monkey.

“Black Rose focuses on unrequited love and the repercussions of karmic activity: “Eye for an eye, do or die , you’re gonna reap what you sow.” “It is also steeped in my interest in the occult and  Egyptology; the eye of Horus, and, add a girl I was in love with.” 
Drew Jarvey added, “Loving Black Rose; like a heavy, early Elvis Costello.”

Myself, Unholy Jane is one of the most extraordinary songs I’ve reviewed and a regular listen! The Songwriting, Vocal and Guitar are a full court shot, nuttin but net! 

“Black Rose,” is another track of genius, within an Album that needs to be heard, Bad Monkey.

His Songwriting, Voice and Instruments are  Grunge only~ oldschool, super cool and simply best in craft. He is able to plate his seasoned sounds on a table reserved now, while refusing to follow the leader. Grunge always drives off road, following the the most gnarly Alternative Rockers!

Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Grunge Norris – Unholy Jane + Black Rose (Review):
the songs can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 21.10. – 25.10.2020

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