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Red Iris – Stay (Lyric Version)  

Red Iris – Stay (Review by Brecon Indie Rev.) hit Social Media, WW Radio and streams, Rocked n Loaded and has been firing since! In September, I did a profile on this down South, hotter than boiling Rock Band; some of which you may enjoy after the Review.

“Stay” is a song that is  best inhaled and held in a while.

“Stay” my favorite song, thus far and is in consideration for a nomination in the Grammy Awards.     

The Songwriting is a Team effort and is life experience based.

Red Iris – Stay is relatable and written to impact those who have suffered loss or pending so, with a hopeful edge. The tune is beautifully sad and quite compelling. The delivery is super fuel to the Lyrics. Emily Glazener is the best Ballad Rocker I’ve heard, and I’ve Reviewed top tier. She effortlessly airs out a voice that enhances lived Lyrics and hems up with the Band remarkably well.Her personal commitment to the Lyrics is obvious. 

A champion within Rock

She is a high pitcher who doesn’t waver. Emily runs a broad 2nd Soprano range and owns a beautiful vibrato. She can drop holla at pivitol places! The Band delivers “Stay” in a wonderfully grounded and tempered manner, allowing the Lyrics and Vocal to be up top. This tune is a champion within Rock. 

Profile of Red Iris

I’ve learned so much about each of the Band Members, I feel as though I know them. The information I gathered reveals the reasons the Band has such a seasoned Rock sound. Red Iris hit the stages in 2017. 2018 saw their first Album “MI15” and it is a true sensation; full up, with Classic and Hard Rock tunes that are flipped up to land on the plates for contemporary tastes. 

The second Album

The second Album is in development, dropping one single at a time. Each release sees a notably grand response from the Indie World and the fans keep comin’!  Red Iris are Stage Masters; confident, fan connected with  guaranteed bad ass delivery. 

The band members

The guitarists; Lead (Zeek Hernandez), Bass (Oscar Gonzalez) and Rhythm(Brock Wilson), provide a steady  supply of Gilmore level sound. 
The Drummer, Jj Herra, is a TKO and provides such a solid base sound and rhythm to the Music.
Contact Red Iris here in Twitter: @Red_Iris_Music

Inspirations from the 70s

I now know the Band takes inspiration from 70s Bands,  Musicians and / or family members; which accounts for the exceptionally richly layered, real and passionate sound they deliver. Influences range from Family to ZZ Top, the KISS era, Ace Frehely; and many more.
What I have seen of this Band on Live Videos; they are, again, made for stage and tear it up.
The Band is fan beloved and very engaged with the audience. Red Iris is the Band to watch!

Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

To this Red Iris – Stay (Review):
the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 14.10. – 18.10.2020

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