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Fiction Syxx – Bleed for the Truth

Fiction Syxx – (Review by Brecon Indie Reviews). Up for Grammy consideration is this top level song withinone of the BEST Videos I’ve seen in Rock. The Lyrics delivered by this seasoned Band dime out a monstrous amount of skill and with crushing sound. Fiction Syxx – is SICK on a stick!

An abyssal theme

An abyssal theme insightfully includes some aspects of light that has to desperately peep through a dirty screen to be felt. This theme earns the tag of truth; based upon the experiences of The Writer who has lived it, felt it and can’t let it l go. Guess what? We get this back and get it hard! The Vocals reek with the best mixes that blend Hardcore Rock, Progressive Rock and old-school Hard Core Rock/Metal. Following this spurious tag;  Vocals are rich with tone and ably project a dominant force, a top the best in pungent, Hard as hell Rock.

You love guitars?

If you are a Guitar lova, come get your freak on here! This is a Great Band that doesn’t follow the trail of, ” Let’s do it again”. Rockers who go willingly over the cliff of Thrash, wiping out Lyrics and Vocals and leaving  listeners in a permanent hangover after a bad night. (I hate that late 80s like crap.) These guys, contrarily, layout Music as bad asses with no reins and it’s all real, it’s them and we can toke it hard and inhale it all! If you “Like it rough”, then Fiction Syxx is for you! This creative, wild-ass video provides lyrics on screen that allows the visitor to experience each aspect of this killer production. ALL at once! Wanna a Rock buzz from the ultimate, “S- for sick trifecta,” of Rock? Here it be: Song, Sound, Screen thrives here, #NEXT #LEVEL
Article written by Brecon Indie Reviews Consulting Team

Where to listen to

To this Fiction Syxx (Review) – Bleed for the Truth: the song can be heard on Radio in JØRG’S WORLD in the week from 14.10. – 18.10.2020. I hope you enjoy Fiction Syxx – Bleed for the Truth!

About Fiction Syxx

Fiction Syxx is the brain child of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Mark Allen Lanoue. But like all ideas, including musical ones, it is not just about the writing; it is about the delivery. So, after writing the first song called “Welcome to my Nightmare” for this new musical journey, Mark started talking with friend and multi-talented musician/songwriter/producer, JK Northrup (KING KOBRA, XYZ) about starting a project that would be framed around a core of members.

The Musicians

Fiction Syxx is: Mark Allen Lanoue – Lead Vocals & Guitar JK Northrup – Guitar, B. Vocals & Production Rory Faciane – Drums Larry Hart – Bass Eric Ragno – Keyboards
Fiction Syxx has 2 releases 2017 debut “TALL DARK SECRETS” and 2019 “THE ALTERNATE ME” and is working on the 3rd, due out early 2021.
Our single ‘BLEED FOR THE TRUTH’ is being considered for the Grammys. All 3 albums were Produced, Mixed & Mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio, Carmichael CA, USA.

Here you have the link to this great song on SPOTIFY!

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