Das Label Exquisite Noise Records verfasste ein Review über “A little nothing” (von der CD “Jørg – We call it blues”):
“This gets off to a great start with that fun yet sinister little groove. I like that you kind of take your time easing into the vocals, and then continue with that trend in delivering them. Overall it’s a very catchy track with memorable vocals and a nice hummable melody. Plus some top notch, studio ace style playing.”
Thank you guys!!!

Workerbee Records schreibt: “I really like that guitar tone, it’s a well performed track. I’m just not getting into the lyrics of the song. “ Thank you!

Chance Music schrieb folgendes: “HI Jorg, There is some really good raunchy guitar sounds in A Little Nothing including the 20 sec intro, the keys, and rest of playing good too. The vocals are strong and very suited to the style when they come in at about 1:00. The guitar work variations in the outro, also very good. Despite the positives it did not appeal to my personal taste. Wishing you all the best with your music.” Thank you!!!

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